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Osprey Profile

Matthew Driscoll

Pittsburgh, Penn. • Men's Basketball Head Coach

I’m probably the only Division I basketball coach in America who gives out his cell phone number to students. You might think that sounds crazy, but there’s a reason I do it. Every year at Orientation, I finish my introduction to them by giving them my number because I want them to be engaged on campus. We have a truly community-oriented culture of service here on campus with our assortment of fraternities, sororities and clubs.


As a representative of the University, I want to be a public servant and figure out ways to help students get the most they can from their time here at UNF. I encourage them to call me if they’re interested in finding ways to get involved with these kinds of organizations. Whatever it is they want to do or whatever interests them, I’ll do my best to point them in the right direction.


It’s been a neat experience interacting with the UNF student population in that way, and most of the texts I get are from students looking for a little guidance. That message of being a servant is something I impart to the guys on the basketball team. When you look at the big picture, our job is to make sure they’re learning to be good men when they’re learning to be good basketball players. We push volunteer involvement by getting them in front of the Jacksonville community through reading to younger students or passing out food at the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless. The best lesson we can teach is that the greatest gift in life is the gift of giving. As we grow our athletic culture here, I never want to lose sight of that big picture.


UNF is the perfect place to broadcast that message. It has such a tight-knit, caring community. It’s really not big as the 1,300 acres indicates. I like to jog around campus all the time, and I can tell that a lot of the action is concentrated in a few central areas like the Student Union. You can really get the pulse of the community by reaching out to students around there and talking to them about our amazing community. When we have a kid on campus, it’s become really easy to recruit him. We let the campus do its thing.


Just like the basketball program, UNF is growing and getting better every year. I’m honored to be a part of the Osprey community. 

Get to Know Matthew
  • What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had with a student on campus or on the team?
    Seeing our players graduate and reach their professional goals based on what we talked about in the recruiting process is really cool.
  • Do you have a favorite spot on campus? If so, where is it? What do you like about it?
    Since I’m a runner, I have a lot of favorite places that I often pass on campus that give me that feeling of community, peace, and excitement for the future. This is a really good thinker’s campus!
  • What’s your favorite team to play against? Why?
    JU would be the obvious. However, I love to compete, and every game is my favorite. So, whomever we are playing at the time is my favorite team to play against!
  • What does being an Osprey mean to you?
    A person with the talent and skill to soar to any heights desired yet is able to SWOOP at any minute for both survival and to conquer adversity… Let’s Go!!!
Driscoll, Matt
As a representative of the University, I want to be a public servant and figure out ways to help students get the most they can from their time here at UNF.