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Faculty Forum

Dr. Natasha Christie

College of Arts and Sciences • Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Natasha Christie, Department of Political Science and Public Administration chair and associate professor, teaches the department’s research methods and public policy courses. One of Christie’s current research projects is the creation of an "untouchables index," which ranks a state’s level of inclusivity regarding ex-felons and immigrants.
Get to Know Dr. Natasha Christie
  • What’s one thing in your field of study that people might not know?
    Political scientists do indeed have a stake in studying criminal justice issues especially since much of it stems from political/policy-based decisions. Some notable issues are felon disenfranchisement and prison-based gerrymandering.
  • Describe your teaching style. Do you like to integrate tech, or are you more comfortable with a lecture-style classroom?
    I often tell my students you won’t learn it, unless you own it. So, in this vein, I try as much as possible to create an environment for students to own what it is I am trying to teach them. One of the best ways I have found to do this is through the use of active learning exercises in the classroom.
  • What brought you to UNF?
    After working in a criminal justice agency for a few years after getting my doctorate, I began looking for ways to address how we as a society think of criminal justice issues from a political perspective. A one-year visiting professor position at UNF opened up around the same time allowing me to merge my interest in the connections between criminal justice and public policy.
  • What is your favorite memory from your undergraduate days?
    My favorite memory is one that has shaped the trajectory of my career thus far — that was enrolling in Dr. Mary F. Katzenstein’s course on prisons during my junior year.
  • What do you like most about Jacksonville? Where else have you lived?
    I like that Jacksonville presents all of the things I enjoyed about living in New York City like the arts, diversity, community events, cultural events, etc. on a much smaller scale.
Natasha Christie
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