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Faculty Forum

Dr. Hanadi Hamadi

Brooks College of Health • Health Administration

Dr. Hanadi Hamadi is an associate professor in the Department of Health Administration of the Brooks College of Health. She teaches health policy, health economics and quantitative analysis. As a health services researcher, Hamadi focuses on patient outcome, organizational behavior and community health, all through the evaluation and examination of health policy.  Hamadi  recently was named a 2019 Emerging Scholar by Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, which recognized 15 minority scholars from around the country who are making their mark in the academy. The scholars were selected on a number of criteria, including research, educational background, publishing and teaching record, and field of study competitiveness. 

Get to Know Dr. Hanadi Hamadi
  • What brought you to UNF?
    UNF’s commitment to student and faculty, the rich healthcare community that UNF partners with and my desire to make a change in a robust healthcare environment.
  • Do you have a favorite spot on campus?
    My favorite spot on campus is wherever the students are; they are reason I joined academia and the reason why I stay. I do like spending time at the “Peace Plaza” and enjoying Mahatma Gandhi and MLK Statue. It’s a good reminder of how knowledge can change the world.
  • What’s the most rewarding academic experience you’ve had at UNF in or out of the classroom?
    There are many rewarding moments, but the most rewarding is when alumni come back to say hello and share what they have learned from my class, how they are using it and how much they appreciate it.
  • If you weren’t teaching, what else would you be doing?
    If I were not teaching, I would be researching, investigating and traveling the world to learn more about health systems in other countries.
  • What is your favorite memory from your undergraduate days?
    The moment I realized that everyone’s path is not the same, and my path might be filled with detours but it’s my path to walk.
  • What advice would you give a student who is about to graduate?
    Trust yourself and always be open to learning new things.
Dr. Hanadi Hamadi, Brooks
My personal philosophy in life is to always ask, “How can I help?”