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Faculty Forum

Dr. Emma Apatu

Brooks College of Health • Public Health

Dr. Emma Apatu is an assistant professor of public health in the Brooks College of Health. She teaches Public Health Research, Health Program Evaluation, and Fitness for Health and also participates in study abroad programs. Her most recent research centers on community-engagement, health disparities, community health services and health program evaluation.
Get to Know Dr. Emma Apatu
  • What’s one thing in your field of study that people might not know?
    Many people do not know that public health is the study of the prevention of disease among populations.
  • What’s the most rewarding academic experience you’ve had at UNF in or out of the classroom?
    Teaching is about transformation, so when I see students advance in their careers, and they mention that I’ve made a positive impact on them, I am deeply humbled and pleased. But if I had to select just one experience, I would have to say that taking students to Switzerland was a very rewarding experience.
  • What is your personal philosophy?
    Seek a mission that is greater than yourself and that benefits others.
  • Describe your teaching style. Do you like to integrate tech, or are you more comfortable with a lecture-style classroom?
    A common thread in my courses is experiential learning where a hands-on project drives the learning experience in the classroom, so it depends. Sometimes the learning experience warrants course instruction using new technology and other times it does not.
  • Do you have a favorite spot on campus?
    It’s hard to choose one place, because the campus is very beautiful, but I guess I’d say my office; it has a great view of the pond.
  • If you weren’t teaching, what else would you be doing?
    Trying my hand at being a travel YouTuber to foster community around global unity and social innovation.
Dr. Emma Apatu
I think self-reflection is important. Take time to understand who you are so you can make good decisions that align with your true self.