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Quick Guide For Filling Vacant Faculty Positions 

For part-time and/or visiting searches, see Modified Search for Visiting Faculty 

 Faculty Process


OASYS Routing Queues





  1.  Academic Affairs, Department Deans and Budget Office will provide authorization to recruit.  
    • Contact AA at (904) 620-2700 with questions. 


  1. Review the search and screen policies for  faculty employment.

  2. Create the recruitment request for approved vacancy. (To access the OASys Hiring Official Site and create recruitment requests, refer to the OASys training resources page).

    • Contact the office of EOD. at (904) 620-2507 for questions.  
  3. Route the recruitment request for EOD approval.   
    • Upon EOD approval, the recruitment request will be sent to the Division/Budget and then HR Employment for authorization to post the Position Vacancy Announcement (PVA). The PVA will be posted online at the current job openings web page.
  4. Search committees are required for full-time faculty appointments. Interview panels may be utilized upon approval to meet a compelling need of the University. Contact EOD for approval (see faculty employment and legal reminders and recommendations).  

  5. After the recruitment request has been posted in OASys, only EOD-approved advertisements and/or postings may be placed in outside journals, publications and web sites. (Refer to the Diversity Recruitment Resource Guide.)


  1. Applicants submit applications online via OASys, unless arranged as a reasonable accommodation for persons with certain disabilities. 
  2. No applications, resumes or other materials are permitted to be accepted by the department unless submitted via OASys or specifically requested within the recruitment request.
  3. At the close of the application review date, EOD will certify and approve the applicant pool.
  4. EOD will inform the hiring official and point of contact of applicant pool approval via e-mail. (Applicant pool certification/approval allows for review of pool only.  Candidates can be interviewed after the interview pool is certified/approved by the Dean/Hiring Official.)  
    • When reviewing applications, the status for individuals who have incomplete applications can be changed to reflect that and an automatic e-mail will be sent notifying them that their application is incomplete. 
    • The status for individuals who do not meet the minimum requirements can be changed to reflect  that and they will become inactive applicants.   
  5. To prevent additional applications, contact EOD to place the position “On Hold.”


  1. Obtain interview approval from the Dean/Hiring Official. 
    • When scheduling interviews, change the statuses of the applicants you want to interview to either “Telephone Interview Pending” or “Campus Interview Pending.”  
  2. Conduct the interviews. Telephonic and on-campus interviews are expected. Skype is also acceptable.
    • Helpful information on interviewing may be found at legal reminders and recommendations.  
    • Forward the names of applicants who participate in each round of interview to EOD for review. 


  1. Complete reference checks on the final candidate(s) using employment verification (telephone) form.
  2. Request official transcripts and three (3) official letters of reference if not already received.  
  3. Complete the faculty employment recommendation packet and submit to the Provost through your Dean who must approve the hire before an offer is made.
  4. Once the Hiring Proposal has been approved in OASys, the hiring department makes the verbal job offer and collects required new hire data upon acceptance, including: employee’s date of birth, social security number, citizenship status and start date. (See 8 below). 
  5. Upon acceptance of the verbal offer, contact EOD via e-mail with the successful candidate’s name and e-mail address to initiate the background check process.

  6. Mail the new employee the letter of offer to be signed and returned. See sample letters
  7. Upon completion of the background check, EOD will notify the hiring official and point of contact of its status. (The epaf process cannot begin until confirmation of the candidate’s successful background check has been received.)

  8. Complete epaf to process new hire. Review the OASys Hiring Proposal Guide for instructions on generating the epaf.
    1. Change all of the applicant statuses.
      • The new employee’s applicant status must be changed to “Hired.”
      • All other applicant statuses should be set to “Not Hired” or “Not Hired-Send E-mail,” along with the corresponding reason for not being hired.
      • “Not Hired-Send E-mail” will automatically send out regret letters via e-mail once the position is filled.
    2. Complete the New Hire Information Tab (which generates epaf) on the recruitment request (using data collected in step 4).
    3. Change the status of the recruitment request to “Fill”.
      • Once the recruitment request is filled, the information from the new hire information tab, the application and the recruitment request will be submitted as an epaf for approval.
  9. Submit the faculty employment recommendation packet, including: new hire access form, osprey card application and key request form, prior to the employee’s first day of work.


  1. If the option in step 5(8A) above is not used, notify all applicants that position has been filled.  Communications may be via e-mail with the status of “Not Hired-Send E-mail,” create a personalized e-mail, or send a letter. See sample letters

    • The applicant address list contains the names and contact information of all the applicants, and may be accessed at any point.   
  2. Forward the official search and recruitment file (all documents pertaining to the search) to HR for archives. Search files do not need to include information recorded in OASys or personal notes. 

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