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Environmental Leadership Program

The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is an opportunity for undergraduate students from any major to be awarded a competitive scholarship and participate in a community-based immersion program designed to create the next generation of environmental leaders. In 2015, the IERE launched the pilot ELP through the generous donation of The Cummer Family Foundation. Today, the ELP has grown in scope and impact into a merit-based student scholarship program with the continued, generous support of The Cummer Family Foundation and the Felburn Foundation.


This two part program, the Environmental Leadership Training and the Environmental Leadership Project, offers students opportunities to grow as environmental leaders in the fall and spring semester. In the fall semester, awarded students participate in leadership-focused and environmental and sustainability-focused trainings, network with environmental organizations and leaders in the community, and develop professional skills. In the spring semester, awarded students are paired with organizations, businesses and non-profits around Jacksonville to plan and implement an environmentally focused project over the course of the spring semester. The projects will exemplify the environmental and leadership training students received in the fall with the guidance of their community partners in the spring. The ELP helps students develop, as well as helps find solutions to environmental problems in Northeast Florida.

Who is this Program For?

This program is perfect for self-driven students interested in making a difference in the environment.


The program is open to all students, but ideal for:

  • Students with majors or interests in environmental studies, natural and physical sciences, public health, environmental psychology, sustainable business practices, engineering, environmental and science education, elementary and early childhood education, humanities and more.
  • Hicks Honors students and students looking to complete a capstone.
  • Students with a passion for the environment and or environmental sustainability.
  • Students interested in gaining real world experience and networking.

How do I apply?

Applications are closed for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. 


Scholarship Information 

Students should review the scholarship eligibility information before applying. 

Scholarship Information 

Program Expectations

This program is a special opportunity with many benefits relating to leadership, professionalism and career development, as well as being a scholarship recipient. All students awarded in the ELP program will participate in the training and networking fall semester. During the fall semester, ELP award students will be evaluated based on time management skills, dependability, integrity, communication, and overall performance. There are a limited number of positions available in the spring semester and they will be awarded on a competitive basis based on performance.



Scholarship Infographic


  • $250 fall scholarship for training 
  • $1,500 spring scholarship for project implementation 
  • Scholarship eligibility information 
  • Eligibility for the scholarship is determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students can contact Financial Aid for questions about scholarship eligibility. 
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Networking and Professional Development

  • Develop professional and leadership skills such as program planning, advocacy, budgeting, program implementation, program evaluation, interpersonal skills, outreach and communication, and valuable leadership training development
  • Preparation for employment and/or graduate school through applied work in community and expanded professional networking
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Symposium Presentations

Graduation Infographic

Graduation Cords and more!

  • Upon completion of your project, you will have the opportunity present your project and you will be awarded a green cord to wear at graduation
  • Students will also have to opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation from the Institute of Environmental Research and Education *Eligibility to receive a letter of recommendation depends on the student's performance during the program.
Graduation Infographic

Past Students and Projects

View past students and projects from the Environmental Leadership Program.