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Enrollment Services Processing

The Office of Enrollment Services Processing is the “behind the scenes” office that handles the accurate, private, and timely processing of all student paperwork in the areas of Admissions, Financial Aid, Records, and Scanning for both current and prospective UNF students. Enrollment Services Processing is home to the University Registrar, the Director of Student Financial Aid, the Assistant Director of Processing/Admissions, and the Enrollment Services Scanning team, as well as all their staff members, who are responsible for handling all business processes in these areas for UNF students from application to graduation.


The 45 staff members of Enrollment Services Processing have the responsibility of ensuring that all student paperwork is handled in a timely and efficient manner in an effort to deliver the highest quality customer service to both our internal customers (current UNF students, advisors, faculty, colleges, and other campus staff members), as well as our external customers (applicants, alumni, and community members). We are proud of the role we play in helping our UNF students, faculty, and staff, and we welcome your feedback.