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Parent Emergency Text Alerts

The University has now provided a way for Osprey parents to receive the same text alert messages as their students.


If you already have access to the Parent Portal, you can sign up for text alerts now. Under the Personal Information tab select the “Campus Emergency Alert System” link.


If you need access to the Parent Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Your student must elect to provide you access to their account through the Parent Portal, instructions provided here. If you already have a UNF ID number but can’t remember it, you can find it here.
  2. Once your student has added you to the Parent Portal, the student will receive an access number
  3. Access the Parent Portal using the UNF ID number provided to your student
  4. Signup for text alerts


**Federal laws stipulate that students have the right and authority to release confidential information to whomever they choose. We understand and appreciate your interest in your student’s experience at the University, and your student’s privacy is critical.