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Emergency Management for Visitors

Preparation for an Active Shooter on Campus

Active shooter (or hostile intruder) situations are always unpredictable. Your goal should be to get away from the area and to not be visible to the shooter. Review these steps, as they may protect you if there is a shooter on campus.

Campus Safety Guide

Alertness, common-sense precautions, and concern for fellow students, faculty, and employees are keys to preventing crime and helping ensure that experiences at UNF are positive and enjoyable. The Campus Safety Guide will help you do your part to make UNF a safer campus.


The Supporting Our Students (SOS) Team is comprised of faculty and staff whose role is to identify and intervene in situations involving students who may exhibit behaviors of concern. Anyone who identifies potentially disruptive or disturbing student behavior is asked to contact the Office of Student Affairs at (904) 620-2600 during regular office hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday) or Campus Police at (904) 620-2800 after hours (evenings and weekends). The SOS Team will review the situation and recommend appropriate action.

Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) provides important information in the event an emergency or natural disaster occurs within the University or the general area that impacts academic or other operations.