Program Overview 

Earn the TEFL Certificate at the University of North Florida! 


 The Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate at UNF is a 120- hour program, and it is designed for those who wish to teach the English language abroad. It is a four-week intensive program, with an additional 44 post-instructional observation hours, that provides students the latest techniques in effective English language acquisition and prepares practical teaching strategies to adapt to any cultural environment.


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  The program consists of formal instruction, practicum, and teaching hours. 


Formal Instruction (57 hours)


  During the TEFL Certificate program, students will focus on the following topics:

  • Learn the basic concepts of how language is learned
  • Learn current methodology and ways to assess students
  • Learn techniques of English teaching
  • Learn to plan and teach lessons
  • Develop classroom management skills


Practicum and Teaching Hours (63)

TEFL students will be responsible for the following under a coordinator's supervision: 

  •  Active observation of ESL classes in various proficiency levels and subjects (54)
  •  Teaching ESL students in pairs and individually  (9hours)


Student qualifications: 

  •  Associate's degree from an accredited U.S. institution or higher; please present a copy of your transcript when applying.
  •  International students must demonstrate a high level of English Language proficiency and/or provide a score of 80 or higher on iB-TOEFL, 550 on PB TOEFL, or 6.5 on IELTS. 

 Class offerings:

Summer 2018: May 16 - June 7 

Fall 2018: September 19 - October 11 

Spring 2019:  January 23 -  February 14




University of North Florida

English Language Program

Building 14E, Room 1710



Tuition $1,295     Click here to make a payment

Books  $    50


To reserve your seat, please contact Michelle Artiga at (904) 620-4281 or at