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Classes Available:

There are 6 levels in the Online Intensive English Language Program at UNF. Students will be given a placement test before joining the program to be placed in the appropriate level. Classes run from 9:00-2:50 EST. Students can take one or more classes each semester.  Computers are strongly recommended for online classes due the vigor of instruction and type of technology used by instructors.  Students can take one or more classes each semester. 

*  The part time option is NOT available to the students on an F-1 Visa.


  Reading and Writing: Classes are two hour each day.  Students will practice using reading strategies to understand passages of various lengths, identify main ideas and details, infer meaning, summarize, write various genres of paragraphs and essays, and practice many other skills.


Listening, Speaking, and Vocabulary: Classes are two hours each day. Students will learn to speak about many topics, from daily life situations to academic presentations, while focusing on expressing thoughts grammatically correctly and with proper word use. They will also listen to daily conversations and progress to academic topics while being asked to find the main idea of the listening passages, take notes, and respond to the listening files.


Grammar: Classes are 75 minutes each day. Students will learn how to speak and write using correct grammar. Topics vary by level and are taught so students improve as they progress through the levels.


Conversation Partner Program: Students in the Online Intensive English Program can sign up for the Conversation Partner Program (hyperlink to page).  Students will be paired with UNF students to practice their English in a relaxed setting.