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  • Academic Program: The English Language Program is an intensive program designed to teach various skills of the English Language, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The program has 6 levels of instruction: Beginning, High-Beginning, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Low-Advanced, Advanced, and Pre-University, with a concurrent enrollment option. All the students are in class 22 hours a week except the ones who are enrolled concurrently; those students have a course load of 18 hours as an ELP student and one 3-credit course as a UNF student. The academic program is rigorous to prepare the students for the university. You will have dedicated and highly qualified instructors to help you learn English.
  • Description of Classes: The curriculum at the English Language Program combines the formal acquisition of academic skills with the communicative approach to English language learning. Classes are combined by skills: reading and writing and listening and speaking. Grammar is a separate subject. Students also receive additional practice during Vocabulary, Writing, and Pronunciation workshops.
  • Levels of Instruction: There are 6 levels of instruction in the ELP. Students with basic knowledge of English will start at the Beginning level. After that, the levels go as follows: High-Beginning, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced, Pre-University, Pre-University/Concurrent. In the lower levels, Beginning - High Intermediate, the students will work on mastering the foundation of the English language learning. Upper levels, Level Advanced and Pre-University, are dedicated
  • Concurrent Enrollment: When students reach Level Pre-University in the English Language Program, they may have the opportunity to be concurrently enrolled in a course related to their major or a General Education course at the University of North Florida. This is not a guaranteed component of this level, nor does it guarantee admission to the University of North Florida. It is a privilege for students who meet the requirements and successfully complete Advanced level.
  • Preparation for the University: Institutional TOEFL is offered once a semester for upper levels. Workshops are offered for admission applications to Florida State College Jacksonville and UNF.