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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take the TEFL course? 

The TEFL course is open to any student who has an Associate's degree and wishes to receive a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate to teach English abroad.


How can I use my TEFL certificate? 


A TEFL course will prepare you to teach English to students in a variety of classroom settings. You can use your TEFL certification to teach English abroad. However, some private language schools, institutes, community organizations and other educational institutions in the United States may employ TEFL-certified teachers.

How long will the certificate program take? 

A TEFL course is a 76 hour certification program with an additional opportunity to gain 44 practicum hours which would equal 120 hours total. Most employers overseas require a 120-hour certificate. 

What is included in the TEFL certificate program? 

  • Language acquisition theory 
  • Methods for teaching language skills 
  • Foreign language classroom management 
  • Lesson planing and EFL materials development 
  • Understanding of different components in the English language and teaching them effectively