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Accent Reduction Program

About the Class

Accent Reduction is a separate program designed to cultivate an awareness of American English pronunciation. The objective of the course is to enhance clarity of speech for non-native speakers of English and build confidence in communication skills. Students must have a high-intermediate to advanced-level of English speaking skills to participate in the course. 

Course Focus:

  • Learn the pronunciation of American English consonant and vowel sounds, word and sentence stress, word endings, rhythm and intonation
  • Become more mindful of individual pronunciation challenges and how to correct them
  • Cultivate an understanding of general spelling rules and their relation to pronunciation 

Lessons Include:

  • Interactive activities 
  • Tips on correcting pronunciation challenges that have a high impact on clarity
  • Opportunities to address specific needs related to real-world communication 


Day and Time


Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30 P.M.