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Online Inspection Request Instructions

To request an inspection log into your user portal through CitizenServe (CS). If you do not have a username and password, contact the permitting desk at 352-392-1591 to have your portal account created. If you have forgotten your username or password, contact us.

Website Address:

• Click on VIEW MY REQUESTS (left).

• Click on the permit number for which you want to request a permit.

• Click on REQUEST AN INSPECTION (left) and fill out the required information.

• Once the form is complete, Click on SUBMIT and the inspection is scheduled.

• Inspection comments and status will be entered by the end of the day that the inspection was requested, and you will be able to review the results and any comments for the inspection by reviewing the inspection report (see below).


• Click on VIEW MY REQUESTS (left).

• Click on the permit number for which you want to view the inspection report.

• Click on DOCUMENT (center menu bar) and then the date of the Inspection Report.

• There will be no paper Inspection Report handed to you at the site.


• Inspection Status: You can check the general status of an inspection by clicking on INSPECTION within your permit.

• Document Review Status and Comments: You can check on the status of a construction document review and the review comments by clicking on REVIEWS within your permit.

If you need further assistance in user the portal please contact the permitting desk at 352-392-1591.