Welcome to our scholarships page. This page is a resource for internal and external environmentally related scholarships.


Environmental Center NEFAEP Scholarship

The UNF Environmental Center NEFAP Scholarship is a scholarship funded by the Northeast Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (NEFAEP). The Environmental Center offers the scholarship to both full-time undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students who are in good academic standing. The scholarship is not limited to a specific college or department; however, the applicant must be enrolled in a program that has an environmental or ecological focus, component, or aspect. Or one must simply have an interest in an environmental career. Other criteria for application is that the student must comply with all University regulations, rules, and codes of conduct governing students on campus. Also, the student must complete an application and its requirements prior to the deadline. Applications available now. Deadline is Oct. 14. Please turn in applications to the UNF Environmental Center (Building 1, J.J. Daniel Hall, Suite 2200).



 2013 Application