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Coordinated by the Environmental Center, with the support of Physical Facilities, Garbage on the Green utilizes student volunteers to conduct a campus waste audit. The event provides volunteers with a fun and interactive educational opportunity about waste reduction, recycling and litter-prevention. Having a direct experience with campus sustainability, events like Garbage on the Green give students, faculty and staff a dynamic perspective on the ecological impact they make in their everyday lives

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Garbage on the Green 2014



Wednesday, October 22, 2014




8-10 a.m. Set Up

9-11 a.m. Campus Clean Up
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Waste Audit & Eco-Expo




Student Union Plaza




UNF campus requires a pass or cost is $3/vehicle for a daily pass at parking booth.


Send Volunteer Application forms and other inquiries to ECVolunteer@unf.edu.

Volunteer Registration (online) or Volunteer Registration (print) 


Exhibitor Registration (online) or Exhibitor Registration (print) 

What to Expect as a Volunteer

Although Garbage on the Green is a research-oriented event focused on sustainability, the study also gives students a direct opportunity to work together towards an eco-conscious collective and encourages involvement with their campus and community. 

Besides being a fun event, some incentives for volunteering include: 

-Free T-Shirt 
-Free lunch
-Documented Volunteer Hours


Volunteers at Garbage on the Green will sort through trash and recyclables collected on the UNF campus. Due to the nature of the event, the Environmental Center takes great strides to ensure that volunteers are properly trained prior for a safe, hands-on experience 

Volunteer Activities:


Sidewalk Chalking, Banner Painting, Event Planning, Tabling & Promotion 


GoG Chalking Painting 2 

Day of Event: 

Event Check-in/ Check-out, Litter Pick-Up, Waste Auditing, Weighing, & Sorting


GoG Day of Event Photos 2    


Garbage on the Green Reports

Past Garbage on the Green Photos

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