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Environmental Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Environmental Studies provides students with coursework that explores the relationship between humans and the natural environment. The Environmental Studies minor is a great option for any student passionate about the environment and or any student interested in environmental careers or pursing an environmentally-related graduate degree.


The 12-credit minor includes courses from biology, public health, history, geography, engineering and other disciplines.


The new 12-credit Environmental Studies Minor Program of Study (effective starting Fall 2020).


The 18-credit Environmental Studies Minor Program of Studies (effective prior to Fall 2020).


*Current Environmental Studies minor students may consider changing to the new 12-credit program of study effective immediately (Summer 2020) if they determine that does not negatively impact their major or progress toward graduation. If interested in switching to the new program of study, students will need to:

  1. First, speak to their college's advising office (from their major) to confirm switching to the Fall 2020 program of study would not negatively impact their degree evaluation.
  2. Next, contact Brooks College of Health advising to make the change.

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