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Examples of UNF Faculty research conducted with ORSP

October 2012

Researcher of the Month: Robert Wood, Dean, Continuing Education

As Dean of the Division of Continuing Education, Robert L. Wood is continuously searching for new learning opportunities to bring to UNF. Wood’s earliest recollection of getting involved with sponsored programs at UNF was the S.T.A.R.S. event held by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) in 2008. This was the first of many interactions between Wood and ORSP. “Since then, we’ve had several programs funded at the million dollar level,” Wood said. 


Grants have funded two new continuing education opportunities at UNF. Specifically, The Employ Florida Banner Center for Financial and Professional Services and the Employ Florida Banner Center for Creative Industries are statewide programs that offer training and outreach for the financial and professional services and for creative industries. Both programs were initially funded by Workforce Florida through the Federal Workforce Investment Act, and have since garnered additional funding from new collaborative partners within these industries. 


The Employ Florida Banner Center for Financial and Professional Services recently partnered with the City of Jacksonville, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Family Foundations, and Jacksonville University to create Jacksonville’s First Annual Money Wise Week. This coordinated effort enabled Jacksonville citizens to participate in free financial classes and events to learn better ways to manage their personal finances. Mayor Alvin Brown announced the partnership and plans to make Jacksonville’s Money Wise Week an annual event.  


The Banner Center for Creative Industries works closely with every major film association in the State of Florida. These partnerships have resulted in the creation of new curriculum and certificate programs in Film, TV production, and Film design. The Division of Continuing Education and the Department of Communication have also joined forces on several projects, one of which brought an Emmy-winning producer to campus as a guest lecturer. This collaboration yielded two student-produced films. It is this kind of hands-on experience that benefits students in both Continuing Education and Communication. 


Wood has travelled throughout the state speaking with other universities and sponsors, and continues to do so, securing additional collaborative partners to further continuing education opportunities funded by grants. “We are currently working on a joint venture with the Jacksonville Bar Association, and other financial and insurance associations to further the development of the Banner Center for Financial and Professional Services,” Wood said. Collaborations with universities across the state ensure that participants in the program can receive instruction regardless of their geographical location. Additional grants have also supplied tuition stipends for students.  


When asked how he manages to make time for sponsored programs, Wood says, “I’ve got a good staff, and ORSP has been very helpful in identifying grant projects, handling the grant applications, and managing the grant funding.” His staff includes the Center directors and employees, as well as work-study students, some of which are funded by grants. He advises faculty to “get engaged in grant writing...it will help expand your horizons by looking at an area where you want to do research and then finding the funding to do that research. It really allows you to have some serious revenue streams.”  


Professionally, Wood credits grants for “generating several millions in revenue that has allowed Continuing Education to do things that would not have been able to do otherwise.” Both Centers have made a tremendous impact in the Jacksonville community through economic development, employee training, and employee certifications, which have in turn helped companies improve their bottom line.


The S.T.A.R.S. event is ORSP’s annual faculty recognition event that highlights the meritorious work of faculty who have secured funding to support their scholarly activities. Because of his success in obtaining external funding, Wood was recognized at the annual S.T.A.R.S event as a Millionaire Star for the 2010-2011 fiscal year! Indeed, as a Millionaire Star, Wood has excelled at grant writing and continues to reach for new horizons. 


The 4th Annual Federal Research Update Webinar

University faculty, research administrators and student researchers across the nation will be able to take advantage of an extended live webcast later this month to learn firsthand about the research priorities and budgets of key federal agencies. The presentations are geared to the needs of those involved in seeking competitive support from the agencies and are offered at no charge.


The Federal Research Update webinar will be broadcast live from Washington D.C. Monday October 29 through Friday November 2. Viewers will be able to watch any or all of the individual 90 minute presentations throughout the week. The format also allows for viewers to submit questions for presenters and each viewer can access speaker slides in advance. Following the live presentations, an edited version of each will be prepared in following weeks and remain available for viewing on the web. 


The webinar was organized and arranged through a partnership involving the University of Missouri, the State University System of Florida and the National Association of College and University Business Officers. The entire series will be offered free, thanks to participation by the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, an economic development initiative of the State University System of Florida.  


To view the agenda and register for the webinar, visit: http://research.missouri.edu/federalupdate/index 

2012-2013 Environmental Center Seed Grant Applications Being Accepted Until October 26, 2012

Seed Grants for up to $4,000 are available to faculty or teams of UNF personnel that include at least one tenure track faculty member. The grants are intended to facilitate the creation or maintenance of multidisciplinary projects related to environmental teaching and research. Seed grant funds may be used for faculty stipends, OPS wages for students and allowable materials/expenses directly related to proposed project. Seed Grant Application 2012-2013 is available on the Environmental Center’s website, www.unf.edu/ecenter, under the “Seed Grants” tab. For more information, contact John Boozer at j.boozer@unf.edu or ext. 2662. 


College of Computing, Engineering & Construction Research Colloquium Series

The College of Computing, Engineering & Construction(CCEC)'s new research colloquium series presentations are ongoing.  Presentations take place every other Friday at noon. 


Mark your calendars for upcoming fall colloquium dates: Oct. 19, Nov. 2 and Nov. 16. The spring colloquium dates are Jan. 18, Feb. 1, Feb. 15, Mar. 1, Mar. 29 and Apr. 12. This is a great opportunity to learn about research interests of our colleagues and build collaborations across campus!


If you would like to make a presentation on the dates listed for spring 2013 or need additional information, please contact Dr. Asai Asaithambi at asai.asaithambi@unf.edu.

HRSA Electronic Handbooks New User Interface released
HRSA has updated the EHBs User Interface to significantly improve the ability of users to conduct work within the EHBs, making it more intuitive and faster to use. In order to help you use the updated EHBs, HRSA has developed a set of short videos that will teach you how to make the most of these improvements. The videos are short and specific, and will answer your questions quickly and in an easy-to-use environment: HRSATube. If you are not yet aware of HRSATube, it is a channel on YouTube. On HRSATube, you will find videos on primary health care, health IT, organ donation, HIV/AIDS, the National Health Service Corps and other topics related to access to health care. There is a wealth of information about HRSA, including an EHB playlist, where all of the new User Interface upgrade help videos will be posted. In addition, you can always call the HRSA Contact Center if you need any help or to receive individualized assistance at 877-Go-4-HRSA (877-464-4772).  
HRSA has Unveiled the Next Generation BHPr Performance Management Handbook (BPMH)!

To provide more accurate and relevant GPRA reporting data, to better monitor the program performance, and achieve the objectives Division of Workforce and Performance Management (DWPM), BHPr has redesigned and streamlined the data collection process through this new Performance Management Handbook. The new BHPr Performance Management Hand Book provides grantees with the measures on which they are expected to report. This redesigned system collects both aggregate as well as individual level data. The BPMH system increases the efficiency of the data collection methods, enhance the usability of the system and simplify navigation for the end users.


The detailed guidance has been provided in the program manual for reporting on these measures. The data collected corresponds to the programmatic goals and demonstrates the effectiveness of the program activities carried out by the grantees. The measures show improvement in the quantity, quality, diversity, distribution and infrastructure of the health professions workforce. Additionally, BHPr uses these performance data collected through the BPMH system to support the analytic needs of key decision-makers at several levels within the Bureau. 


In order to help you use this new handbook in HRSA EHBs, HRSA has provided help online with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a Glossary, and videos. These resources will aid you to submit performance data with minimal guidance. You can access these resources using the link BPMH Help. 


In addition, you can always call the HRSA Contact Center if you need any help or to receive individualized assistance at 877-Go-4-HRSA (877-464-4772). 


Tracking balances on contract and grant projects

Knowing the total balance available for your contract or grant award is extremely important. The Banner system provides real-time balances for your grant projects. By staying informed of your available balances on projects, you can prevent documents from being dishonored as non-sufficient funds (NSF) and delaying the payment process. There are several ways to find available balances on contract and grant projects. The Grants Accounting and Financial Management Orientation manual provides step-by-step instructions for determining available balances on projects using Internet Native Banner and Finance Self Service:  


 Methods to Find Available Balances on Projects (21XXXX-23XXXX indexes):   

  1.  Internet Native Banner – FGIBAVL  
  2.  Finance Self Service  - Available Balance Query  

 Methods to Find Available Balances on Fee Accounts, Individual Professional Development indexes (IPDs) and Departmental and College Development indexes (24XXXX-25XXXX indexes)   

  1.  Internet Native Banner - FGITBAL  

 Methods to Print Budget Reports   

    1.  Internet Native Banner – FRIGITD  
    2.  Internet Native Banner - FGRODTA  

 By using the aforementioned methods and following the steps outlined in the  Grants Accounting and Financial Management Orientation manual, you are certain to improve the financial management of your grant funds. For assistance with grant management processes, contact your assigned GAFM coordinator: Angela Gibson (agibson@unf.edu), Patricia Launer (p.becton@unf.edu), Lashawn Smith (lashawn.harris@unf.edu), or Sandra Wirth (swirth@unf.edu). Click here for GAFM Coordinator Assignments. 

When things go wrong: When and how to report an event to a UNF research integrity committee

 After you have obtained IRB, IACUC and/or IBC approval for a research project, there is always a possibility problems will arise during study implementation that may need to be reported to the appropriate committee. Reporting can be done via the UNF research integrity unit within the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Depending on the type of project and the type of event, different information might be needed. Please see the information below to ensure you are up to date on both reporting requirements and procedures for submitting a report if necessary.   


Read more ... 

UNF Research in the News

Race for the White House
With the presidential election just a little over a month away, Dr. Michael Binder, UNF assistant professor of political science, talked to First Coast News about the status of the race for the White House.


Watching the presidential debates in the Twitter era
UNF President John Delaney, a former Jacksonville mayor, and Dr. Michael Binder, UNF assisant professor of political science, share their insights on the upcoming presidential debates with The Florida Times-Union.


Political reads for kids and young adults
Dr. Katie Monnin, UNF assistant professor of literacy, talks to Action News during her monthly "Katie's Korner" segment about several high-quality political books for young readers.


America's response to Libya embassy attack
Nancy Soderberg, former ambassador and Distinguished Visiting Scholar in UNF's Department of Political Science and Public Administration, discusses America's response regarding the Libya embassy attack and running for Florida Senate on First Coast News' "On Point" show.


Cape Fear River study examines effects of dredging
Dr. Courtney Hackney, director of UNF's Coastal Biology Program, discusses the impacts of dredging on Cape Fear River. 


Uprisings in the Middle East are more complex
Dr. Parvez Ahmed, UNF associate professor of accounting and finance, shares his opinion with The Florida Times-Union on the uprisings in the Middle East.  


Deadline 1
Research Reminders - Upcoming Proposal Deadlines

 Upcoming National Science Foundation Due Dates: 

Upcoming National Institutes of Health Due Dates: 

  • Research Grants (R01) [New] – Feb. 5
  • Research Grants – Cooperative Agreements (U01) [New] – Feb. 5
  • Research Career Development Grants (K Series) – Oct. 12, Feb. 12
  • Other Research Grants (R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36) – Oct. 16, Feb. 16
  • Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) (R15) [New] – Oct. 25, Feb. 25
  • Program Project Grants and Center Grants (P Series) – Jan. 25
  • Research Demonstration Education Projects (R18/U18, R25) – Jan. 25
  • Institutional National Research Service Awards / Other Training Grants (T and D Series) – Jan. 25

For all standard NIH proposal deadlines, see NIH's web site.


If you would like more information on any of these opportunities, please contact Donna Gora at (904) 620-2456 or donna.gora@unf.edu.

NIH and NEA: new funding opportunity related to culture and health

How does culture affect health-related beliefs and practices? Artists and arts organizations may help answer this question through a new funding opportunity from the National Institutes of Health. This Request for Applications (RFA) will support research projects that bring together teams of social and behavioral researchers to gain new insights into the relationships between culture and health.  


Staff from UNF’s ORSP listened to the webinar and would be happy to share highlights with interested investigators. An archive of the webinar was made available on Monday, Oct. 8 at http://www.arts.gov/research/convenings 

Recent Awards

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members receiving funding for their research projects!


Peter Bacopoulos, Taylor Engineering Research Institute, An Integrated Climate Change Impact Assessment Tool for Flooding of the Lower St. John's River, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, $11,434


Pamela Bell, Child Development Research Center,Child Care Support for Student Parents 2010-2014, U.S. Department of Education, $76,317


Christopher Brown, Civil Engineering, Missouri River Recovery Program, Noblis Inc., $5,850


Paul Eason, Mechanical Engineering, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Analysis, Goodrich Corporation, $20,000


Cheryl Fountain, Florida Institute of Education, Florida's Collaboration for Young Children and Their Families 2012-2013, Administration for Children and Families, $225,000


Courtney Hackney, Biology, Florida Department of Environmental Protection Interchange of Personnel, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, $57,655


Karen Patterson, Exceptional Student and Deaf Education, Florida Inclusion Network 2012-2013, U.S. Department of Education, $563,333



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