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Examples of UNF Faculty research conducted with ORSP

June 2012

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Newsletter is a monthly publication which highlights faculty and staff receiving external funding to support their research, scholarship and creative endeavors. The newsletter also includes important information for project directors and principal investigators managing their research or sponsored program through research development, research integrity and grants accounting and financial management units.
STARS 2012
ORSP Recognizes Million-dollar Researchers

Dr. Joseph L. Campbell, Janice Donaldson, Dr. James H. Fletcher, Dr. Cheryl A. Fountain, and Bob Wood were recognized at the Scholars Transforming Academic Research Symposium for receiving research grants and contracts in excess of $1 million each.  Campbell (mechanical engineering), Donaldson (Small Business Institute), Fletcher (mechanical engineering), Fountain (Florida Institute of Education) and Bob Wood (Continuing Education) each obtained funding for sponsored activities through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). 


ORSP and the Office of Faculty Enhancement hosted the 3rd annual Scholars Transforming Academic Research Symposium(S.T.A.R.S.)in mid-April.  S.T.A.R.S. is a showcase of research excellence highlighting faculty, staff, administrators and graduate students across all disciplines within the university community.  The theme for this year’s symposium was “Illuminating Collaborations”.  The symposium included roundtable discussions, poster presentations, a presentation about the UNF Digital Commons and culminated with a faculty and staff reception and awards ceremony  


In addition to the four principal investigators who obtained research funding of $1 million or more, three principal investigators who obtained research funding of $250,000 or more were also recognized. They are: Drs. James Gelsleichter (biology), Donald Shea (President’s Office), and N. Mike Jackson (civil engineering). 


The following individuals were recognized for receiving funding for research activities for five consecutive years. They are: Drs. James H. Fletcher (mechanical engineering) and John McDonough (nursing – nurse anesthesia). And Pamela Bell (child development center) and Dr. Len Roberson (graduate school) were recognized for 10 years of consecutive funding for sponsored research activities. 


The Biology department was recognized for having the highest number of principal investigators involved in sponsored activities with 15 individuals.  The Engineering department was recognized as the department with the most funding in sponsored projects with $3,354,196. 

Donna Gora
Research Development Staffing News

Please join ORSP in welcoming Donna Gora to Research Development. As the assistant director, Donna will have oversight of the Research Development unit in ORSP and conduct outreach and training to the University community to promote grant development, collaborations and other sponsored research activities. Feel free to stop by ORSP to introduce yourself, or call Donna at x2456 to set up an appointment to discuss your grant and sponsored research needs.


Additionally, Sonja Avery Bell, research development coordinator, has left UNF to pursue other interests. We are in the process of hiring a new research development coordinator and hope to have a new person in place by the end of the summer.


Round Marsh small
A Meteor Crater in Our Midst?

It’s an understatement to say that Jay Huebner has many interests. His educational span impressively includes electrical engineering, nuclear and solid state physics, membrane biophysics, photochemistry, observational astronomy and now sensor sciences [see www.sensorsgroup.com]. His latest research project, however, will bring together faculty from anthropology, history, engineering, physics, and chemistry. 


In the 1990s, Huebner taught a class titled “The Impact of Asteroids.” His development of materials for that class led to an evolving path searching for the origins of Round Marsh, a curious feature located in the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, Jacksonville, 10 miles north of UNF. (Learn more)


What You Need to Know About Time and Effort

Time and effort rules apply to grants and contracts that require faculty and staff who are paid with grant or contract funds to document the time they spend on specific activities allocable to the funded project or study. PIs need to demonstrate that people paid with those funds actually worked on the project or study that paid them.

  1. Effort is your work on a project, whether the sponsor pays your salary or not.
  2. When you write yourself into a grant proposal, you are committing your effort  to the sponsor.
  3. If you reduce your effort, paid or unpaid, on a federal grant by 25 percent, you must have agency approval. If you reduce your paid effort, you may choose to document cost-sharing so that the total effort does not decrease.
  4. Many activities cannot be charged to a federally sponsored project. For example, the time you spend on these activities cannot be charged:
    • Writing a proposal
    • Serving on an IRB, IACUC or other research committee
    • Serving on a departmental or University service committee
  5. If you work on a sponsored project, you must certify your effort.
  6. Certifying effort is not the same as certifying payroll.
  7. Certification must reasonably reflect all the effort for all the activities that are covered by your University compensation.
  8. Effort is not based on a 40-hour work week. It’s not based on hours at all.
  9. Effort must be certified by someone with suitable means of verifying that the work was performed.
  10. In identifying audit findings, auditors look for indications that certification was based on factors other than actual, justifiable effort.

- Robert C. Andresen,  Assistant Director
Research and Sponsored Programs
University of Wisconsin – Madison
(National Council of University Research Administrators)


Research Integrity News

The UNF Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is now requiring all persons who work with live vertebrates to complete online training in the basics of animal welfare and regulations. Some form of training for those holding IACUC protocols is highly recommended by the NIH’s Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare. All Research Integrity staff members, IACUC members and active PIs will be required to complete the IACUC Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training if they have not already done so. If you have other documented training that is still valid, this could serve as a replacement.  


The course usually takes about 2 hours to complete, depending on research experience and knowledge. Feel free to contact the IACUC Chair, John Hatle, at 620-2778 with questions. You are also welcome to contact Dawn O'Connor (x2316) or Kayla Champaigne (x2312) for specific directions on website location and applicable courses. 


Calculator small
ORSP Publishes Procedures

ORSP has organized our operating procedures to help make our processes more user friendly. Please click on the links below to read more about them. These procedures are also posted on the website. Bookmark them today!


Research Development 

Grants Accounting and Financial Management 

Research Integrity 


Did you know?

Did you know ORSP procedures and manuals are listed on the ORSP website? The procedures and manuals provide step-by-step activities or actions that must be followed by research community stakeholders in order to complete a task. For questions about a procedure, please contact the ORSP main line (Ext. 2455) and they will direct you to the appropriate person to answer your question. 


Recent Awards

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members receiving funding for their research projects.


Cheryl Fountain, Florida Institute of Education 


- CROP: Jacksonville Precollegiate Connections, 2011-2012, Florida Department of Education, $2,026


- Jacksonville Journey Evaluation Program, Early Learning Coalition of Duval, $119,949


Shana Harrington, Clinical and Applied Movement ScienceRehabilitation Research Career Development (RRCD) Program, University of Texas Medical Branch/National Institutes of Health, $93,000

Tammie Johnson, Public Health, Activity II: Analysis Projects Investigating Costs Associated with Work-related Illness and Injury in Florida, Florida Department of Health, $24,000

Jeffrey Michelman, Accounting and Finance, Consortium for Small and Medium-size Enterprises and Entrepreneurship Education, Clemson University/US Department of Education, $2,200

Janice Donaldson, Small Business Development Center, “Florida Small Business Development Network,” University of West Florida/US Small Business Administration, $93,235

N. Mike Jackson, Civil Engineering 

- Development of a Hydroplane Prediction Tool, Florida Department of Transportation, $152,566


- Use of High Intensity Reflective Sheeting in lieu of External Lighting of Overhead Roadway, Florida Department of Transportation, $150,000


Patrick Welsh, Taylor Engineering Institute, and J. David Lambert, Construction Management,

Evaluate Nutrient Enrichment Effects from Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Impacts on the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Timucuan Preserve, Timucuan Trails Parks Foundation/National Park Service, $7,050

O. Patrick Kreidl, Electrical Engineering 

- Introduction Based Routing, BAE Systems/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, $29,307


- Mathematical Theory of Model Identification for Distributed Hypothesis Testing Over Networks, Prism Informatix, LLC/ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, $25,000


James Gelsleichter, Biology, DEEP-C: Deepsea to Coast Connectivity in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, Florida State University/Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative,$46,578

J. Michael Francis, History, We the PUPILS (Professionals United to Promote Instructional Leadership in Schools), Duval County Public Schools/US Department of Education, $41,356

Alissa Swota, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Center for Ethics and the Professions, Pilot Project: Clinical Ethicist for Wolfson Year 6, Wolfson Children's Hospital, $34,477

L. Barry Albright, Physics, Paleomagnetic Survey of Late Cretaceous Strata-Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah, U.S. Department of the Interior, $5,000

Lev Gasparov, Physics,REU Supplement to RUI: Optical Studies of Magnetic, Charge and Orbital Ordering in Lone-Pair Compounds and Magnetite, National Science Foundation, $7,500

Jeffry Will, Center for Community Initiatives, Homeless Census and Survey Project, Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition / US Department of Housing and Urban Development, $23,671 

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