Student Exam Sign-Up Information and Resources


Welcome to the DRC’s online exam scheduling tool Clockwork.  By navigating to  myWings (Student Tab>My Records>Clockwork>Schedule a test or exam) below you will be directed to an online portal for students in which you can not only register with the DRC, but also sign up for exams and quizzes with approved testing accommodations.  The video tutorial below describes how to use the “Schedule a Test or Exam” feature of this program.  Please click the video tutorial link to learn about this process and likewise review the Clockwork Exams Manual for Students.  If you have any questions about the testing process, please contact the DRC at or at (904) 620-2769 (main office)/(904)620-2259 (Testing Coordinator).    


Clockwork Exam Resources for Students 



myWings Link Follows to access Clockwork Student Portal Homepage (Student Tab>My Records>Clockwork>Schedule a test or exam)



Clockwork Exams Manual for Students Link in Word Format Below Follows;


ClockWork Exams Manual for Students



Clockwork Student Portal Video Tutorial  Embeded Youtube Video Follows



YouTube Link:





What is Clockwork? 


Clockwork provides students registered with the DRC the opportunity to schedule exams/tests/quizzes through an online portal.  DRC students may also apply for accommodations, view/print accommodations letters and schedule appointments at the DRC through this online resource.  See the Clockwork exam resources section for students for written instructions as well as a video tutorial regarding Clockwork. 


How do I schedule an exam? 


You can access Clockwork through your myWings (Student Tab>My Records>Clockwork>Schedule a test or exam) account .  To get started, you may review the Exams Manual for Students and the Student Portal Video tutorial regarding the steps to schedule exams.  Also, you may stop by the DRC Testing Office and make an appointment in person.   



What kind of information will I need to schedule the exam? 


You will need the course code for the exam (example: ENC 1101), the date, start time and duration of the in-class exam (testing coordinators will accommodate your time if that is one of your accommodations), and your instructor’s name as well as his/her email address. If you do not know all of this information, check your syllabus and/or ask your instructor. You will go through a series of steps to make your exam appointment online.  Again, please see the written instructions and online tutorial posted on the DRC website for further instruction.



What if I have multiple exams or quizzes to schedule for one class? 


You will need to repeat the exam appointment process for each exam or quiz that you have for each class. 



How much time in advance of the exam are sign-ups allowed? 


You will need to sign up at a minimum of five (5) business days before your scheduled exam/quiz.  NOTE: You will need to sign up a minimum of one (1) month for final exams.



What if I miss this deadline? 


You will not be able to sign up online through Clockwork, and you will have to contact DRC Testing Coordinators to make arrangements in person, by calling at 904-620-2259 or by emailing the DRC exams email account.



 What if I miss the deadline for Final Exam sign-ups? 


You will need to coordinate with your instructor to make alternate arrangements so that you can get your accommodations for finals.  Due to the high volume of exams that the DRC facilitates during finals, the deadline is one (1) month prior so we may plan properly. 



What if my schedule does not work with the time that I am given for an exam or quiz? 


In this case, please contact DRC Testing Coordinators at 904-620-2259, email DRC Exams or come by in person.



What if my professor changes an exam date? 


Please contact the DRC Testing Office at (904) 620-2259, email DRC Exams or stop by in person at the DRC to change test dates and times. 



What if an exam is cancelled?  


You may go to My Calendar on your Clockwork portal homepage and view your tests.  To the right, you may click Cancel on the test that you wish to cancel.  Also, you may contact the DRC Testing Office to cancel a test. 


Why is my exam appointment “Tentative?” 


Once you book an exam, your appointments are confirmed by Testing Coordinators.  Your professors will also receive a notification of the scheduled test.  You may check the status of your exam appointments by logging into the Clockwork Student Portal and Clicking My Upcoming Events.



Will testing procedures be the same at the DRC? 


Yes.  You will report to the DRC as usual based on the time that class time’s exam date and time.  Clockwork is the new way to schedule appointments online and keep track of your upcoming testing dates and times.  






Please be sure to schedule all exams that will be administered in the DRC.  


If exams are not scheduled appropriately, the DRC will not have your exam at test time!!!  


After scheduling your exams, please confirm your exam appointments on Clockwork through the MY CALENDAR tab. 


If exam appointments are not there, please contact the DRC Testing Office as soon as possible.


Students have the responsibility to schedule exams at least five business days in advance to ensure that exam materials and an exam room are available.