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Student Exam Scheduling 

Important points to remember:

All exams need to be scheduled at least 5 business days (one full week) before the exam. So if today is Monday, it is the last day for you to schedule an appointment for next Monday.

If you miss the exam signup deadline you will need to fill out a “Late Exam Sign Up Sheet” at the DRC or make arrangements directly with the Testing Coordinators.

Final exams need to be scheduled as early as possible, and there will be a set deadline each semester that is usually a month in advance.

All exams taken in the DRC need to be at the same date and time as the class is taking them, unless otherwise specified by your professor. Your professor can email, call, come in person or note on the exam packet their consent to an alternate exam starting time.

When scheduling exams, make sure you are signing up for the correct dates. You can double check the appointments you have made under “My Calendar” in clockwork.

Student Exam Signup FAQ in Word Format Follows;

Exam Sign Up Information Packet


Scheduling Exams in Clockwork Student Portal


By navigating to myWings>Student Tools Icon>Clockwork(Disability Accommodations)>Schedule a test or exam Icon below you will be directed to the Clockwork student portal in which you can sign up for exams and quizzes with approved testing accommodations.  The video tutorial below describes how to use the “Schedule a Test or Exam” feature of this program.  Please click the video tutorial link to learn about this process and likewise review the Clockwork Exams Manual for Students.  If you have any questions about the testing process, please contact the DRC at or at (904) 620-2769 (main office)/(904)620-2259 (Testing Coordinator).    


Please be sure to schedule general exams and quizzes through the “Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz” tab or the “schedule an exam link” and all final exams through the “Schedule a final exam” tab in the Clockwork portal.


myWings Link Follows to access Clockwork Student Portal Homepage


 Path: myWings>Student Tools Icon>Clockwork(Disability Accommodations)>Schedule a test or exam Icon


Clockwork Exams Manual for Students Download Link in Word Format Follows; 


 Clockwork Exams Manual for Students

Clockwork Student Portal Video Tutorial  Embedded YouTube Video Follows; 




YouTube Link: