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Zero Textbook Cost Initiative

UNF Zero Textbook Cost Initiative


To support statewide efforts to reduce the cost of learning materials for students, UNF joins other Florida universities in identifying online course offerings that require course materials at no cost to students. Florida’s Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Course Indicator will be used as a course designation to inform students searching the FloridaShines Course Catalog which online courses have no textbook costs. This initiative supports UNF's effort to improve on Performance-Based Funding Metric #3.



Search the FloridaShines course catalog for UNF online courses with the ZTC indicator.


How Does It Work

Faculty do not directly participate in this initiative. When faculty and departments submit their textbook adoptions via the Follett Discover tool through MyWings, they can select “no text is required” to indicate no required course materials. Each semester UNF identifies online course sections that meet the criteria for ZTC course indicators based on data from the UNF Bookstore and uploads those course offerings to the FloridaShines Course Catalog. To receive the ZTC indicator, course materials associated with the course section must be zero cost for students, including ancillaries, homework, quizzes, etc. In addition, all the required course materials must be freely accessible to students without barriers. Students should also have access to materials on the first day of class and course completion.


Note: Optional resources may be for cost but must not be necessary for student success in the course.

ZTC versus OER

ZTC refers to the student’s cost of required course materials to succeed in the course. Open Educational Resources (OER) refers to materials created by applying open use rights through a content license. ZTC courses may use all OER materials; however, there must not be any cost to students to access those materials.

Displaying the ZTC Indicator

zero textbook cost indicator

The ZTC indicator is only visible to students searching the FloridaShines catalog. If course instructors would like students to recognize their course has zero cost for course materials, they can download and use the ZTC image (shown right). Our recommendation is to insert the ZTC image in the Syllabus and at the bottom of the course homepage.



For more information, visit ZTC faqs or contact Kevin Hulen (UNF Online)