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Ospreys Vote 

Ways to Vote 

There are three ways to vote in Duval County and each is described in detail below. Elections vary by state and county, so if you are not registered to vote in Duval County, visit the VOTE911 site to find the election information for your area. 


Note to UNF benefited employees: Up to two hours of administrative leave may be used for voting in elections. Beginning the pay period of Oct. 17, employees will see the category of “administrative leave” on their timesheets. This is where they can record the time they took off of work to vote.  

1. Vote by Mail in Duval County 

  • Request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot: To vote from the convenience of home, a voter may request a Vote-by-Mail ballot. Use the online request form or call the Supervisor of Elections Office at 904-630-1414. The deadline to request that a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed is no later than 5 p.m. on the 10th day before the election (by Oct. 24).
  • Deadline to Submit Ballot: Vote-by-Mail ballots must be received in the Office of the Supervisor of Elections at 105 E. Monroe St. by 7:00 pm on Nov. 3. For more information, go to their Vote by Mail page. 
  • Mail or Drop Off Your Ballot: 
    • Mail in your ballot using the provided pre-paid postage envelope. It must be received (not postmarked) by the Supervisor of Elections by 7 p.m. on Nov. 3. 
    • Alternatively, you may drop off your ballot (in the provided envelope) at a designated secure drop box at early voting sites from Oct. 19 through Nov. 1. 
    • You may not drop off your ballot at a polling site on Election Day, on Nov. 3. The only place you may drop off your ballot on Election Day is at the Office of the Supervisor of Elections at 105 E. Monroe St. (before 7 p.m.). 
  • Tips for Success: 
    • Complete your ballot as soon as you receive it. It is important to return the ballot so that it is received by the Supervisor of Elections before 7 p.m. on Nov 3, but the sooner you mail it or drop it off, the better. 
    • Be sure to follow all of the instructions that come with the ballot. 
    • Use a black pen and completely fill in the oval next to each selection. 
    • Sign and date your ballot. Vote-by-mail ballots must be returned in the envelope provided. Your signature must be on the envelope for your ballot to be counted. 
    • Be sure that your signature on your voter registration record is current because if your signature on record does not match the signature on the vote-by-mail ballot certificate, your ballot will not be counted.
    • The envelope can be a little confusing if you have never voted by mail. There is a flap on the outside of the envelope that folds over to reveal the mailing address. Pull off the two adhesive strips to secure the flap (which seals the envelope). 
  • Track Your Ballot: You can track your Vote-by-Mail ballot (when mailed to you, when sent, when received, when counted) on this web page

2. Vote Early in Duval County

  • When to Early-Vote: Early voting in Duval County takes place between Monday, Oct. 19 and Sunday, Nov. 1. 
  • Where to Early Vote: Voting before Election Day is available at various locations throughout Duval County. Voters may vote at any of the Early Voting locations. 
  • What to Bring When Vote Early: Please present a photo and signature identification. You may also bring your sample ballot with you that is already marked with your choices. That way you can quickly enter your choices on the ballot, place your ballot in the tabulator, and be on your way. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: See the Supervisor of Elections' Frequently Asked Questions webpage. 

3. Election Day Voting in Duval County 


  • When to Vote on Election Day: Tuesday, Nov. 3 is Election Day. The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you are in line by 7:00 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.
  • Where to Vote on Election Day: Voters are required to vote at the assigned precinct of their legal residence. Your voter information card shows the precinct, polling place, and voting districts for your address. You can also use the Precinct Finder to see the location of your polling place. 
  • What to Bring to Vote on Election Day: A photo and signature identification is required. You may also bring your sample ballot with you that is already marked with your choices. That way you can quickly enter your choices on the ballot, place your ballot in the tabulator, and be on your way.