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We are UNF!   

We are UNF is a positive message campaign to celebrate our differences in a positive way and promote civility and respect on the campus. We want to help people think about their behavior/words and their impact on other people.


Inclusivity Begins With Me

Inclusivity Begins With Me 

The Commission on Diversity & Inclusion would like to remind Ospreys that inclusivity begins within. It is everyone’s responsibility to help create a culture of inclusion where we can all contribute to a collaborative environment. #WeAreUNF 
(March 2019)     
Differences make the world beautiful

Differences Make the World Beautiful 

The Commission on Diversity & Inclusion would like to remind Ospreys that our differences make the world beautiful. Having an attitude of appreciation makes us a lot more peaceful within. Learn more here. #WeAreUNF
(April/May 2019) 

Coming soon 
(June/July 2019)

"We are UNF" video will be distributed the first week of classes 
(Aug/Sept 2019)