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Three students sitting on ground conversing
Group shot of recent graduates in their cap and gowns
Students on the Union stairs eating and smiling at the camera

We are UNF!   

We are UNF is a positive message campaign to celebrate our differences in a positive way and promote civility and respect on the campus. We want to help people think about their behavior/words and their impact on other people.


Inclusivity Begins With Me

Inclusivity Begins With Me 

The Commission on Diversity & Inclusion would like to remind Ospreys that inclusivity begins within. It is everyone’s responsibility to help create a culture of inclusion where we can all contribute to a collaborative environment. #WeAreUNF 
(March 2019)     
Differences make the world beautiful

Differences Make the World Beautiful 

The Commission on Diversity & Inclusion would like to remind Ospreys that our differences make the world beautiful. Having an attitude of appreciation makes us a lot more peaceful within. Learn more here. #WeAreUNF
(April/May 2019) 

Coming soon 
(June/July 2019)

"We are UNF" video will be distributed the first week of classes 
(Aug/Sept 2019)