Smarthinking iPad App

Smarthinking has an iPad app that provides mobile access to many of their key services, and it is very easy to install.iPad app


Installation Instructions

To install the app, simply search for "Smarthinking" in the App Store from your iPad. Once you find it, click on Install or Download and wait for it to install. 


Login Instructions

Once the app is installed, you need only to log in before you are ready to use it. You first need to get a Token ID from Smarthinking in order to log in. Do not attempt to log in with a username and password.


In your Smarthinking session (accessible via Blackboard on your computer), click on the Smarthinking App tab at the top. Then click on "My Token ID" in the left menu. Your Token ID will be displayed in large red font.

iPad app token page


Once you've gotten your Token ID, go back to the Smarthinking app on your iPad. Click on "Login using Token ID", and then enter the Token ID number on the next screen and hit "Login."

iPad app login      iPad app login token


NOTE: For security reasons, your Token ID is only good for 7 days. You will need to generate a new Token ID after it expires. Simply log back into a Smarthinking session on your computer and follow the steps above.