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Time Allotment

Each student has approximately 300 minutes of time available for tutoring within Smarthinking. Time deductions vary depending on the tutoring service utilized. For instance, a real-time interaction with a tutor can be metered to the minute, but there are additional deductions for processing and archiving the tutoring session. Writing Lab submissions carry different time deductions depending on the size of writing sample submitted (paragraph vs. essay.)


Managing Your Time

Increasing Your Time Allotment

If you use Smarthinking frequently, and you use up your 300-minute time allotment, you will get a pop-up message that reads:

"OOPS! You have used up your time allocation for Smarthinking's tutoring services! If you need more time, please send an email to requesting additional time on your account. A response will be sent on the next business day."


Be mindful of your time. An increase in your time allotment is not immediate, or guaranteed. Plan accordingly.


Usage Details

You can check your detailed time and usage details from the "Manage My Account" tab.  Follow these instructions to view your time and usage details.


  1. From the Smarthinking Welcome screen, click on your name to access your Smarthinking Profile menu.
  2. Select Manage My Account.
  3. Select Usage Details from the left menu, or click on the usage details hotlink in the text.
  4. On the Usage Details screen, you can view the total number of minutes allocated to you, the total minutes remaining on your account, as well as the breakdown of charges per service or session.


The images below are screenshots of the Manage My Account and Usage Details screens described above.



Manage My Account



Usage Details