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Syllabus Snippet 

Mention Smarthinking in your course syllabus, to familiarize your students with the tutoring service. 


Below is a sample we recommend, feel free to adjust to suit your needs:

For Canvas courses:  

Smarthinking Tutoring Services

UNF provides online tutoring through Smarthinking, a web-based tutoring service. Tutoring is available in a wide variety of subjects, including computer applications, mathematics & statistics, nursing & health, and writing/essay critiques & reviews. Tutoring is available to meet your schedule, in a variety of different ways – live sessions with a tutor, writing submissions & reviews, and question submittals. 


To access Smarthinking from within your Canvas course: click on "Smarthinking Online Tutoring" on the course menu


Time Allotment: Each student has 300 minutes of tutoring time allocated. Use your time wisely.

Before using Smarthinking, review UNF's Smarthinking Support Site at
If you have questions about the services, or need help, refer to the Smarthinking Support Site.


You may choose to add an Announcement to your course including this overview and simple instructions for access.


Refer students to the Smarthinking Support Site at