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Tutoring Services

Smarthinking offers tutoring through several different services. Each has its benefits and disadvantages; be sure to pick the one that suits your needs in an appropriate (and timely!) manner. General information about each service (and turn-around time) is listed below.  

Writing Center

You can submit your writing for review by a Smarthinking tutor. You can submit essays, papers, or paragraphs to tutors in specialist areas, or choose the first available.

You receive an email and/or text notification when the critique is completed and delivered to your Smarthinking Inbox, typically  within 24 hours

Drop-In Tutoring

This service provides the easiest, fastest way to get assistance. All you need to do is select the subject area you need help with, and an online tutorial whiteboard session will begin. Be aware that because this is a drop-in session, you will not get to choose the specific tutor you prefer, and not all subjects are available.

Scheduled Tutoring

This service allows you to schedule your tutoring sessions in advance, with the tutor of your choice. This is especially handy for subjects where you expect to need more help, where it is advantageous to work with the same tutor for consistency. Additionally, this is the ONLY way to receive live help in certain subjects.


Pre-scheduled sessions last approximately 30 minutes. They must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance, and must be cancelled at least 48 hours ahead. 

Offline Questions

This asynchronous service is a great alternative to a live session, particularly helpful when you do not have time for a live session, but you DO have time to wait up to 24 hours for a response. Because this is not a live session, and the response time can be long, you want to be very specific when you submit the questions. This will cut down on the back and forth in clarification.

Study Aids

Another helpful resource within the Smarthinking is the bank of video tutorials and study guides available in the Study Aids. If you need to brush up on general math skills, or need a refresher on different writing styles, but don't think you need to consult a tutor, this service may be very helpful for you. You can use these tutorials in your own time, at your own speed, as you need.

Group Sessions

Smarthinking provides an environment for a group of students in a course to meet in a drop-in session for discussions and peer tutoring.  A tutor can be invited into the session, or the students can use the whiteboard tools for illustrating ideas or reviewing course materials.  This feature is useful when online students want to form online study groups.