Integrating Smarthinking Into Your Course

When instructors provide information and guidance about student services, students listen and take advantage when the need arises. Consider the following ways of helping your students gain access to online tutoring.

  • Place an announcement in your course encouraging students to use the tutoring services. Start with a simple statement such as this …and modify it for your purposes:
Need additional help with your (writing/math/stats/Microsoft Office) skills? 
Check out Smarthinking’s online tutoring services available 24/7! 
Go to the course (left menu) and select "Smarthinking Online Tutoring" to access free online tutoring services during the term.
  • Mention Smarthinking in your syllabus when discussing the resources available to students who need assistance in your course. A sample syllabus snippet can be found here. Include a reminder at exam time or when projects are due. 

  • Post a link in your course to the local Smarthinking website at, containing information for faculty and students in these programs about the service, resources, how to get technical assistance, and the Faculty and Student Handbooks. 
You may also find that they Smarthinking Faculty Handbook is a great reference in helping your students acclimate to using the tutoring service.

Have you enabled the Smarthinking tool in your Canvas course?
See "How do I setup Smarthinking in my Canvas course?" in the Faculty FAQ.