Technical Proficiency Self Assessment

One of the greatest concerns students (and faculty) have about online education lies in the technical realm. They may be worried they don’t have the computer proficiency and/or skills necessary to successfully navigate and complete the course. This is where Smarterer comes in handy.

Smarterer is an online skill test repository, with fun and engaging tests that have been created by and for the users taking the tests. In an ever-changing technical landscape, where software is updated and outdated at light-speed, being able to quickly and easily assess and improve your skills is imperative.

Smarterer has tests for a wide range of topical skillsets and software applications, many of which are important in the world of distance learning. We have listed a few specific tests for you to start with, but feel free to explore Smarterer’s complete catalog.


  General Computer Proficiency Tests: Browser Specific Proficiency Tests:

Software Specific Proficiency Tests: