Software Resources

There are a number of software applications that will be helpful, and even required, in many of your Distance Learning coursework. See the list below for information about where to get it.



The university recommends using either of the following browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.


 chrome    firefox
Google Chrome   Mozilla Firefox




Document Authoring 

You will need the ability to create various documents in your courses: word processing, spreadsheets, etc. There are a number of discounted and free applications available here:

 MSOffice    GoogleDocs   openOffice2
(discounted student rate)
  Google Docs   Open Office

Readers, Players and Plug-Ins

The following items may be required:


 Reader    Flash    Java
Adobe Reader   Flash Player    Java Plug-In

UNF Virtual Lab

The university has developed the Virtual Lab, to provide students with access to software applications from any computing device – laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones – from any location, at any time. The applications available in the Virtual Lab were chosen based on student input from a recent technology survey.
The following applications are available in the Virtual Lab:

 SPSS    SAS  

 Minitab, Inc.
SPSS (version 22)   SAS (version 9.4)   Minitab 16


Virus Protection

Your computer should be protected against viruses and malware. Here are a few low-cost and free options:


McAfee   Norton    
 Ad-Aware    Spybot    AVG
Ad-Aware   Spybot   AVG Anti-Virus