Blackboard Browser Test & Compatibility

Because Blackboard is a web-based application, your success & satisfaction within the application are inherently tied to your internet browser’s settings and functionality.
UNF recommends using either of the following browsers for best performance:
 chrome    firefox
Google Chrome   Mozilla Firefox

To download either of these browsers, see the Software Resources page. 
Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.

Browser Testing

UNF has developed a Browser Test Utility, which makes a best efforts attempt to detect your browser settings for compatibility with Blackboard 9.1. Use this check as a guide to assist you in determining where a problem might exist if you are having trouble using Blackboard. Also be aware of the fact that certain combinations of browser versions, security settings, firewalls, etc. may cause this utility to report a false detection.

How to access the Browser Test Utilitybrowser compatibility 

  1. In your Internet Browser, go to Blackboard [] 

  2. The Browser Test module is located to the left of the login module. 

  3. Click on the “Test Your Browser” button

What the Results Mean

  1. Items with a checkmark next to them have passed the Blackboard browser test.
  2. Items with a red ‘X’ mark next to them have NOT passed the Blackboard browser test.

The test is separated into a few sections:
  • About Your Computer: displays versioning information about your Operating System and Internet Browsers. This information can be useful if you are having problems and contact the Help Desk for trouble-shooting
  • Required Components: These components are necessary for Blackboard to function. If you have a red ‘X’ next to any of these times, you may not be able to log in, or use some of the advanced features of Blackboard.
  • Optional Components: These components are not required to use the basic features of Blackboard, but may be needed to display certain content types (particularly audio and video files)
  • Pop-Ups: Some web pages in Blackboard use JavaScript Pop-up message boxes and alerts to communicate information to you. Pop-up blocking software installed in your web browser (e.g. in the Yahoo and Google Toolbars) can prevent you from seeing these - unless it is configured to allow Pop-ups from Blackboard. There are two buttons available to test whether your browser currently allows Pop-up and alert messages
  • Third-Party File Types: Many course documents in Blackboard are in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office format which require third party programs to be installed on your computer before you can open them. Some combinations of Windows/Office service packs and browser security settings have been known to cause access problems. There are several sample files available to see if you are affected, simply download the sample files to see if you have any problems.