QM Certified Peer Reviewers

The following individuals are certified to conduct peer reviews of online courses for QM certification.


UNF Faculty

Name College Department Email
Junga Kim COAS Communication jkim@unf.edu
Brenda Vose COAS Criminology & Criminal Justice brenda.vose@unf.edu
Maria A Fernandez Cifuentes COAS Languages, Literatures and Cultures a.fernandez-cifuentes@unf.edu
Clarence Hines COAS Music c.hines@unf.edu
Paul Argott COAS Psychology p.argott@unf.edu
Len Roberson COEHS Exceptional, Deaf, & Interpreter Education len.roberson@unf.edu
Laura Jackson COEHS Exceptional, Deaf, & Interpreter Education laura.jackson@unf.edu
Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore COEHS Exceptional, Deaf, & Interpreter Education janice.seabrooks-blackmore@unf.edu
Suzanne Ehrlich COEHS Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education suzanne.ehrlich@unf.edu
Carol Ledbetter BCOH School of Nursing carol.ledbetter@unf.edu
Claudia Sealy-Potts BCOH Nutrition & Dietetics c.sealey-potts.145892@unf.edu
Andrea Arikawa BCOH Nutrition & Dietetics andrea.arikawa@unf.edu
Cynthia White-Williams BCOH Public Health cynthia.white-williams@unf.edu
Jim Littleton CCEC School of Computing jim.littleton@unf.edu


CIRT Staff

Name Email
Deb Miller deb.miller@unf.edu
Kevin Hulen kevin.hulen@unf.edu
Rozy Parlette rozy.parlette@unf.edu
Jamie Chaires jamie.chaires@unf.edu
Allison Archer a.archer@unf.edu
Megan Bracewell k.m.bracewell@unf.edu


If you have completed TOL-DCD (formerly TOL7100) and are interested in becoming a Certified QM Peer Reviewer, click here