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The Digital Humanities Institute coordinates internships for students.

A Few Important Points

  • For opportunities involving at least 150 hours, students may receive academic credit through DIG4944 Digital Humanities Internship, an elective for the minor in Digital Humanities. Alternatively, they may also seek credit through discipline-specific internship courses.
  • If any of the positions below will not involve enough hours to constitute an internship for credit, a student may potentially supplement their work on such a project with other tasks related to the DHI or its affiliated projects.
  • Additional opportunities, beyond those listed on this page, may exist. In addition, the DHI can often create opportunities for students, based on their interests and abilities.
  • Hicks Honors College students can potentially receive funding to support their work with faculty on digital projects through the Hicks Fellows program, and such experiences may, in some cases, also fulfill the capstone requirement.
  • Students involved in these internships may have the opportunity to present at academic conferences.

Contact Dr.Laura Heffernan, director of the DHI, for further guidance on these matters.

Current Opportunities


 2020-21 Volunteer Assistant with Enviro Rights Map 

This existing project catalogs constitutional environmental rights all around the world using a dynamic, Google Maps-based interface. The next step in this project would involve updating content on the Enviro Rights Map (ERM) website to include recently amended or new constitutions and adding information about a new right- the right to food- to the map. Contact Dr. Josh Gellers for more information.

 2020-21 Environmental (In)Justice in Jacksonville  

This new project would involve conducting archival research to determine where environmental injustices have occurred in Duval County and adding them to a geocoded map (using brief written summaries) as part of a larger multi-layered mapping project of the DHI. The eventual plan is to make the map accessible (i.e. including audio recordings about the events for the visually impaired) and interactive (i.e. people could press on the map with their fingers like you can on a mall directory). For an example of a similar map, see the Environmental Justice Atlas here.  Contact Dr. Josh Gellers for more information.


 2020-21 ColoniaLab

ColoniaLab has an ongoing need for interns who can assist in editorial tasks related to the digital publication of manuscripts and rare books in Spanish related to colonial and nineteenth-century Latin America. No prior experience with any specific technology is required. Interns generally should have completed at least one 3000-level Spanish course or have equivalent proficiency. Contact Dr. Clayton McCarl for more information.


 2020-21 Internship with Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center

Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center in St. Augustine has an ongoing opportunity for a student interested in digital work. Responsibilities will include the digitization of transcripts of interviews with Lincolnville residents. This is a paid opportunity ($1,500 per semester). Interested students should contact Dr. James Beasley of the UNF Department of English.