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Digital Projects Showcase 


The annual DHI Digital Projects Showcase provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to share teaching or scholarship practices that make use of information technologies to solve problems in interesting or original ways.

Call for Proposals: 2019 DHI Digital Projects Showcase

The 2019 DHI Digital Projects Showcase will be held on Friday, November 15, 9 AM-3:30 PM, and the call for proposals is now open. All members of the UNF community are invited to participate, and we also invite proposals from individuals or groups representing other universities or cultural institutions. We are interested in presentations dealing with projects at any stage of development, as well as presentations on methods and tools. Presentations may highlight a project in its entirety, or may address a specific aspect of a larger undertaking. Proposals are due September 30, with acceptance notification by October 11.

Poster printing for accepted proposals will be provided by the Center for Instruction & Research Technology.

Proposal submissions should include the following: 1) full title of poster/presentation; 2) names of all participants, with academic/professional title (or major/program of study for students); 3) a description/abstract of the material to be presented (250 words max.); 4) name of faculty mentor or project leader, if applicable, and an explanation of any special needs regarding technology or equipment.

Submit your proposal.

For questions regarding the 2019 DHI Digital Projects Showcase, contact LauraHeffernan (, DHI director.

2018 Digital Projects Showcase and Institute Grand Opening 

On Wednesday, November 7, 10 AM-Noon, the DHI hosted its third-annual Digital Projects Showcase. This event took place in the new DHI office suite, Building 4/Room 2800, and was also a grand opening for that space. 

Program2018 Showcase Program

10-11 AM

  1. Accessible Classics: Digital Adaptations for People with Reading Difficulties. Dr. María Ángeles Fernández Cifuentes, associate professor of Spanish, and students from the Fall 2018 section of SPW3100 Spanish Literature from the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century
  2. Remembering Brooklyn Forward. Christopher Baker, English major
  3. Native Sun: The Flora of Sawmill Slough Preserve. Kally Malcom, assistant professor of photography
  4. Coming Soon: HathiTrust Digital Library. Dr. Laura Heffernan, associate professor of English, and Maria Atilano, student outreach librarian, Thomas G. Carpenter Library 
  5. Sawmill Slough Preserve Digital Archive. James Taylor, coordinator, Environmental Center, and Curt Price, Master of Business Administration graduate (2018) and program assistant, Environmental Center

11 AM-Noon

  1. Using Kite Aerial Photography for Coastal Research. Dr. Chris Baynard, with students Miranda Brown, Cuinn Crawford, Brian Dickey, Paulo Dos Santos, Danielle Graham, Ian Henry, Alex Mackenzie, Alexandra Moya-Clark, Isaac Newman, and Tyler Williamson
  2. Refreshing Museum Signage. Leonardo Paley, English major 
  3. Exploring Northeast Florida's Special Places.  Sean Lahav, Master of Public Administration candidate, and Maria Mark, coordinator, Environmental Leadership Program
  4. Voces y Caras: Hispanic Communities of North Florida. Dr. Constanza López, associate professor of Spanish; Michael Boyles, graphic designer at the UNF Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT); and Victoria Farfán Lasso, Fall 2018 international student intern with Voces y Caras 


Call for Proposals 


DHI Showcase 2017 Program 


The 2017 Digital Project Showcase was held on Wednesday, November 8, 10:00 AM-Noon, in the ballrooms on the third floor of the UNF Student Union.


Poster presentations: 

1. Voces y caras: Present and Future Constanza Lopez and Nicole Mills

These interviews focus on the rapidly growing Hispanic community of North Florida, which - as this project makes evident - is very diverse.

2. Embroidering for Peace and Memory Digital Archive Constanza Lopez and Rebecca Weiner

UNF students, faculty and staff from across campus gather to embroider messages of peace.

3. UNF Pilgrimage Project David Sheffler

Combines interdisciplinary approaches with digital and STEM technologies and applies them to the study of pilgrimage.

4. The Lower St. Johns River Digital Archive Stuart Chalk

The Lower St. Johns River Digital Archive is a site that hosts articles, reports and research papers about the St. Johns River that are used in the Lower St. Johns River Report.

5. Preliminary Data of the SmartSignPlay Prototype: A Sign Language App for Families with Children who are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing Caroline Guardino

SmartSignP/ay is an app aimed to assist children who are d/DHH and their families learn functional signs to support early communication development.

6. St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library Digital Projects Bob Nawrocki and Chad Germany

The digital projects of the Research Library involving the use of a database to provide access to various collections in the library and reducing information silos.

7. Nuclear Bomb Testing in the Western US: a Legacy of Environmental and Social Effects in Southern Nevada Chris Baynard

This work provides an introduction into the environmental and social effects of the nuclear testing legacy in the western US.

8. Sawmill Slough Preserve Digital Archive James Taylor

The Preserve Digital Archive is an online database that serves as a scientific, cultural and historical archive of the UNF Sawmill Slough Preserve.

9. The East Florida Papers: Assessor’s Inventory Cameron Adelsperger

The East Florida Papers contain the complete local government archive of Spanish East Florida from 1784 to 1821.

10. coloniaLab: 2016-2017 Update on Collaborators and Recent Work Ali Alsalman, Kathlina Brady, Clayton McCarl, and Nicole Rolland

coloniaLab is an experimental workshop for the collaborative electronic edition of manuscript and rare print texts related to colonial Latin America.

11. Editing the Eartha MM White Collection: Project Update Susan Williams

Instructing students in the theory and practice of electronic textual editing using TEI-XML and engaging them in the transcription and encoding of materials.

12. Electronic Dance Music Culture’s Gradual Shift from Tangibility to Intangibility in the Digital Era Eden Shurman

This project will derive an ethnomusicological inquiry as to what extent EDMC has shifted from more of a tangible one to an intangible one.

13. Stereotypes: What We Perceive Vs Actuality Ricder Ricardo

Creating work that exposes what we stand for as young artists without the modesty or fear of being direct, aggressive, or explicit.

14. See What I See: Perspectives of Students with ASD at UNF Tara Rowe, Tyler Charles, Jess Harden and Alexandra Torres-Perez

This project assembles a diverse team of students, faculty and staff who will use video storytelling, as well as other digital methods and tools, to build a multi-media, interactive online experience that explores the lives of students with ASD at UNF.

15. Exploring the Role of Emerging Communication Technology and Social Media in 21st Century Veteran Education Margaret Stewart

This project presents the findings of critical literature assessment across the areas of military culture of learning, social media, and collaborative pedagogy studies.

16. The Innocence Project: Promoting Social Justice by Coding Mistaken Lineup Identification Cases Michael Toglia, Alexis Lovaas

The Innocence Project has been exonerating the wrongfully convicted through DNA testing since 1992. 

17. Automating CIRI Ratings of Human Rights Reports Using GATE: Evaluation Results Joshua Joiner
This research project involves parsing human rights reports produced by the United States Government and rating the human practices for various countries based on the GIRi (Cingranelli-Richards) Human Rights Data Project dataset.
18. Augmented Reality as Spectral Change James Beasley
This project presents the results of using Augmented Reality software to create an augmented critical experience at the Players Tournament, altering the cycle of spectacle and consumption inherent in the TPC site.

19. Applied Deep Learning: Automated Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities (WMH) on Brain MR Images Matt Berseth

This project outlines the training procedure for a system that will automatically identify and segment white matter hyperintensities in T1 and FLAIR MRI sequences.

20. Rapid Processes for Educational Resource Creation Nicholas Eastham 

Creating rapid processes for educational material creation that could ultimately be used for all students.

21. Visualizing Refugee Jacksonville Natalie Holland, Sarah Lynch and Chris Wilson

Using methods and tools for oral history, visual storytelling, and digital mapping, this project seeks to make visible the lives of a population largely unseen by the larger Jacksonville community.

22. Mapping International Metal Sarah Redhammer


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Call For Proposals 

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2016 Program

DHI Showcase 2016 Program

Poster Presentations

1. Enviro Rights Map, Gellars
Enviro Rights Map is a dynamic, Google Maps-based resource that catalogs environmental rights throughout t/1e world.
2. UNF Pilgrimage Project, Sheffler /Boyles/Baynard/Lukens-Bull
Combines interdisciplinary approaches with digital and STEM technologies and applies them to the study of pilgrimage.
3. Archives & Community Phillips
This is presentation goes over the blog of an archival internship at the Jacksonville Historical Society.
4. Privileging their Lens: Using Photovoice to Explore the Self-image and Camp Participation of Youth with Upper Limb Differences, Underwood/Indelicato
Photovoice is a creative approach to privileging the perspectives of individuals or groups who are often marginalized.
5. Using Mobile Devices for Field Data Collection, Wilson/Kolenc
Tablets and smart phones are versatile tools tor collecting data in the field.
6. Digitizing St. Augustine's Civil War Years, Germany/Closmann
St. Augustine Historical Society's Research library on "Digitizing St. Augustine's Civil War Years."
7. Electronic Dance Music Culture's Transition Through Social Media in North America, Shurman
This aims to link the past modes of communication utilized by participants in electronic dance music club cultures, to the current practice of using social media platforms.
8. Voces y Caras: Hispanic Communities of North Florida, Lopez/Boyles
These interviews focus on the rapidly growing Hispanic community of North Florida, which - as this project makes evident - is very diverse.
9. colonialab, McCarl/Umapathy/ Adelperger /Brady/Ross
coloniaLab is an experimental workshop for the collaborative electronic edition of manuscript and rare print materials related to colonial Latin America.
10. Editing the Eartha M.M. White Archives: Project Update and Future Possibilities, Johnson-Jones/McCarl/Kelly/Germany/Rice/Winters
Editing the Eartha M.M. White Archives is a project in which students work in the transcription of documents related to the life and work of Eartha M. M. White.
11. Vegan Culture through Social Media: An Autoethnographic Study, Dudley
This poster presentation will preview the results of an autoethnographic study examining vegan Culture in Thailand.
12. SmartSignPlay: Lily Learns American Sign Language, Doody/Chuan/ Guardino
SmartSignPlay was proposed as an interactive smartphone, or tablet, game designed to make teaching ASL easier a11d fun.
13. Automating CIRI Ratings of Human Rights Reports Using Gate, Joiner /Umapathy
This project involves parsing human rights reports produced by the US Government and rating the human practices tor various countries based on the CIRI (Cingranelli-Richards) Human Rights Data Project dataset.
14. Introducing Basic Concepts in Anthropology using "Observations through Photovoice," Rivera-Whalen/Pfister
A semester-long project adapts photovoice to engage students in a survey-style Introduction to Anthropology course.
15. Texts in Pictures: Reading Chinese Culture through the Lens of Digital Devices, Wu
A project that examines Chinese characters in context, based on photographs taken by students using their smartphones in China.
16. Legitimating Environmental Consciousness within Urban Circles of Intellect in Florida, Kendrick
This digital project seeks to legitimate environmental consciousness within urban circles of intellect in Ro1ida
17. The Crowd Sourced Humanities Kendrick
Our proposal is to create an in-depth Digital Humanities resource base called "D.I.Y. Humanities."
Call For Proposals