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Dean of Students Office

Previous Signature and Partnership Events


Our Signature Events consist of all events that are hosted by the Dean of Students Office. For most of our Signature Events we have reached out to University Partners for a collaborative approach to these often difficult themes.

Our Partnership Events consist of all events that are hosted by our University partners who have reached out to the Dean of Students Office to assist in facilitating, promoting, and educating the UNF community about various topics. Below are examples of previous Partnership Events.

Below are examples of previous Signature and Partnership Events: 

  • Fall 2021: Red Zone Programming

    The Red Zone is the time period from the start of fall semester to Thanksgiving break when more than 50% of campus sexual assaults occur. In order to raise awareness of this alarming statistic, the Office of Student Accountability & Resolution has partnered with the Victim Advocate and is hosting a series of events during the first 5 weeks of the fall semester


    2nd Week of Classes:

    kNOw MORE: The Sexual Geography of Campus
    A Talking Series Event
    Tues Aug 31 | 2-3:30 pm

    3rd Week of Classes:

    kNOw MORE: A Discussion About The Red Zone & Sexual Violence 

    A Panel Featuring Various Campus Partners
    Wed Sept 8 | 2-4 pm

    4th Week of Classes:

    Start By Believing Workshop
    Wed Sept 15 | 2-3:30 pm

    5th Week of Classes:

    Bystander Intervention Workshop
    Wed Sept 22 | 2-3:30 pm
  • Spring 2022: Grate-FUL
    In partnership with Dining Services, the Dean of Students Office participated in the Tabling Event held in the OSprey Cafe on Wednesday, April 27 from 11a-2p. Along with other departments, our office had fun questions and take-aways for students to engage in to help them gain a better understanding of all of the offerings within the Dean of Students.
  • Spring 2022: 'Sprey Break
    Sprey Break was an event hosted this year by Osprey PERCH in partnership with the Dean of Students Office, Recreation & Wellness, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Osprey Life & Productions, UPD, Angel Russell, the Safe Sex Fairy, MADD, and One Blood. This event occurred on Tuesday, March 8 from 11a-3p in the Osprey Plaza. There were free 80’s themed mocktails and recipes, alcohol and substance use info, free t-shirts and fanny packs, mental health resources, and much more. ‘Sprey Break was a unique way for these departments to remind the UNF students/community about different ways to have fun during Spring Break.
  • Spring 2022: Consent Carnival
    The Dean of Students Office joined the Victim Advocacy Program and LGBTQ Center for Market Days during Sex Week to put on a Consent Carnival for the UNF community. This event was created and hosted in order to inform the UNF community about what consent means and to bring awareness to consent and sexual wellness. The mission of this event was to engage the UNF community with sexual wellness and consent. There were multiple booths which held activities, such as Consent Jenga, Consent Word Search, Mocktails for Alcohol Awareness, and more. 
  • Spring 2022: Fresh Check Day
    The Dean of Students Office joined Housing and Residence Life and the Jordan Porco Foundation to host Fresh Check Day, a program dedicated to bringing awareness about mental health. The primary focus of this event is suicide prevention and bystander intervention.