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Dean of Students Office

New To The Nest

Completion of all 3 modules takes approximately 2 hours, thus we strongly encourage you to not delay in fulfilling this requirement. We believe that you will find the information presented though this online educational program to be helpful in your transition to UNF and your success as a student.

Getting Started

  1. Get a computer/laptop with reliable internet connection
  2. Access your MyWings account. You should have received this when you were given your N#
  3. Locate the Training & Development tile on your homepage
  4. Clicking on the Osprey Ascend link
  5. All your required educational modules will show in the "Required Training" box at the bottom of your screen or on your “Osprey Ascend Transcript” which you can access by clicking "View my Transcript."

Then, just begin the modules. If you must step away for any reason, you will be able to pick up the module where you left off later. 

Pre-Flight Checklist

Sexual Violence Prevention 

(Safe Colleges. Approx: 60 minutes)
The Not Anymore series unpacks and sheds light on the realities and misconceptions of issues such as sexual assault, relationship violence and rape. This course fulfills Title IX training requirements.

Alcohol and Other Drugs 

(Safe Colleges. Approx: 30 minutes)
Alcohol and Other Drugs is a reality-driven online course designed to educate students on the risks of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and to teach successful strategies for handling dangerous situations related to these substances.

Hazing Prevention 

(Prevent.Zone. Approx: 60 minutes)
Created by AliveTek in partnership with HazingPrevention.Org, this course was designed to provide evidence-based, best practices that teach college and university students how to recognize, prevent and report hazing. 


Mental Health Awareness 

(Safe Colleges. Time needed: 21 minutes)
It's important to know that mental illness is common, diagnosable and treatable. However, peers are typically unprepared to have important conversations about mental health and may unintentionally keep each other from getting the help they need. This course provides college and university students with a basic overview of mental health awareness, and several ways to help other students. Topics include mental health facts, warning signs, ways to respond and creating a positive environment.

Online Modules via Osprey Ascend - Always Available

  • Diversity Awareness for Students (~20 mins)
  • Sensitivity Awareness (~20 mins)
  • Communication Styles & Skills (~20 mins)
  • Rethinking Relationships (~20 mins)
  • Study Skills (~20 mins)
  • Time Management (~15 mins)
  • Health & Safety Awareness on Campus (~30 mins)
  • Cybersecurity Overview for Students (~15 mins)
  • Bystander Intervention - Every Choice (~45 mins)
  • Clarifying Consent (~25 mins)

 Policies & Regulations

The University of North Florida is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students, faculty and staff. To ensure your success as an Osprey, please review the following Policies and Regulations.

Additional UNF Policies and Regulations can be located on the President's Policy and Regulation webpage.

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