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Dean of Students Office

Earn Your Wings

After completing the Pre-Flight Checklist, students are encouraged to continue their learning experience outside of the classroom environment alongside their fellow Ospreys. These ongoing development opportunities are organized into specific Areas of Focus, as demonstrated below, and hosted by all areas of our campus community.

Inclusive Excellence

A comprehensive framework of concepts reviewing equity and diversity, in their many forms.

Conflict Resolution

Focus on communication and listening skills to promote civil understanding.

Health & Wellness

Development of holistic practices focused on physical, mental, and spiritual wellness

Life Skills 101

Concepts and actions to enable us to effectively deal with issues of everyday life

Build Your Flock

Social events to interact with fellow Ospreys and learn more about our UNF community

Online Modules via Osprey Ascend - Always Available

  • Diversity Awareness for Students (~20 mins)
  • Sensitivity Awareness (~20 mins)
  • Communication Styles & Skills (~20 mins)
  • Rethinking Relationships (~20 mins)
  • Time Management (~15 mins)
  • Health & Safety Awareness on Campus (~30 mins)
  • Study Skills (~20 mins)
  • Cybersecurity Overview for Students (~15 mins)
  • Bystander Intervention - Every Choice (~45 mins)
  • Clarifying Consent (~25 mins)