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Semester Scaries 

August 2022

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August is the start of what I like to call “the semester scaries.” It’s like a play on the Sunday scaries which means the thoughts of Monday (or the new semester) start creeping in and anxious thoughts take over. It happens, and we all have the semester scaries at one point or another. Every single one of us in the Dean of Students Office has had the semester scaries throughout one of our MANY years working at a college. I am also pretty confident in saying we’re all going to have some form of the semester scaries going into this year because it’s normal! 

One of the best ways to combat ANY form of the scaries is to be prepared. And yes, I know that sounds difficult because you don’t know what to expect. That’s the great thing about our Office – we do know what to expect and can give you tips and tricks to be as prepared as possible. So, without further ado, here are some tips for those semester scaries related to living on campus, learning your schedule, and keeping yourself healthy! 

Move-In & Groovin’ 

A lot of you are going to be on your own for the first time even though you might still have a roommate or have an RA looking out for you. Regardless, it’s still different than what you have been used to, and maybe that is making you nervous! When it comes to your new living situation, we want you to remember a few things: 

  • Double check the Housing handbook to make sure you don’t bring anything that can get you in trouble. (*cough* candles and extension cords *cough*) 
  • Be honest with your roommate when making your Roommate Agreement! What do you want the temperature to be? Who is going to buy the toilet paper? What does “clean” mean to each of you? These are all important questions to hash out. 
  • Make sure you put your RA’s contact information in your phone once you have your first hall meeting – you never know when you’ll need to get in touch with them. 

Simplistic Scheduling 

The first few weeks of the semester are going to be exciting both with classes and all the extracurricular activities that are available to you. It’s going to be hard to keep track of all of them, so we highly encourage you to get a planner. Being able to visualize your day and prioritize your assignments and activities can keep you from feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do. So, here’s a few tips and tricks we recommend for the start of the semester when it comes to scheduling: 

  • Take a walk around campus BEFORE the semester starts to see where your classes are. (I would ALWAYS do this the day before classes started because it gave me peace of mind to know where I would be going so I wouldn’t feel lost… or worse, LOOK lost.) 
  • READ YOUR SYLLABUS. We could not stress this point enough. Typically, all your assignments and their due dates are already predetermined, and we encourage you to review them before even your first day of class! Other things to look out for include a late work policy and extra credit opportunities. Find your syllabus on your Canvas page! 
  • Assuming you have your planner, try to block off times for the following: 
    • Classes, obviously 
    • Work 
    • Study time (seriously, you may hit the ground running in your classes, and it’s better to hold an hour of your time to study chemistry than to try and find that time later.) 
    • Meals (you still have to EAT and keep yourself fueled!) 
    • Time for YOU (we’ll talk more about this in the Healthy Habits section.) 

Healthy Habits 

College is stressful. We get it – we have all been there. And we know it’s hard to keep yourself healthy, both mentally and physically, and a bunch of university departments are here to help with that. Get into the habit of using your campus resources to your advantage – we are all here for you to be successful both in and out of the classroom! While the following is not an exhaustive list of University resources available to you, these are ones we hope you become familiar with during the first few weeks of the semester: 

The Last of the Reminders 

I sincerely apologize for all the information I just bombarded you with in this Spotlight Series. I am 1000% of the mindset that I would rather you have too much information than too little. The Semester Scaries hit everyone differently, and that is a-okay. I do want to leave you with one last reminder, and if you joined us at Orientation this summer, then you probably have already heard it. 

If there’s only one resource you remember, remember the Dean of Students Office. I promise we will do our best to get you where you need to go and to find the resource(s) you may need at that moment. (And follow us on Instagram – @unfdos – so you can follow along with our resource reminders!) 


Created by Carly Bengry, Hearing Coordinator

Talking Series

Fall 2022

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Signature Events

The Dean of Students Office hosts four Signature events each academic year to educate students about various college-related issues that come about no matter the organization of which you are a part, no matter what year you are at UNF, and no matter what state, city, or county from which you originate. These topics include, but are not limited to, sexual assault awareness, hazing, and alcohol and other drug education.  

Coming this Fall!

Partnership Events

The Dean of Students Office participates in several Partnership Events each academic year to assist our University partners, other campus departments, and registered student organizations in relaying important information to and educating the UNF community. These topics include, but are not limited to, mental health awareness, sexual assault, and consent. 

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