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7 Reasons to Join the Student Conduct Board

April 2023

7 Reasons to Join the Student Conduct Board April 2023 banner

By Anne-Sophie Baroutjian, Program Assistant

April is one of our Student Conduct Board outreach months, as summer training is right around the corner! The Student Conduct Board (SCB) – a body of students, faculty & staff that reviews student conduct cases – is a unique opportunity for those in the UNF community to get more involved on campus.  

Here are seven reasons why YOU should apply to join the Student Conduct Board! 

1. Leadership Experience  

Taking initiative and making the best decision with the information at hand are two important leadership skills. Being a member of the Student Conduct Board means taking the initiative to understand the case presented to you from all sides of the issue. Members of the SCB actively participate in Panel Hearings and gather the information needed to be able to make a well-informed decision.  

2. Practicing Skills in Public Speaking 

Being on the Student Conduct Board allows for many opportunities to practice skills related to speaking in front of others. All of the different roles that SCB members can take on involve speaking in front of different groups of people for each Panel Hearing. One of the main duties of Board members is to interact with the present parties during Panel Hearings, to ask all necessary questions to the involved parties.  

3. Learning Skills in Conflict Resolution 

Conflict Resolution involves knowing how to ask questions that allow for present parties to reflect on the situation at hand without creating further conflict. During training, Student Conduct Board members learn how to ask these types of questions. As a Panel, you will also work collaboratively with other students, faculty and staff to come to a decision on the conduct case. Skills in Conflict Resolution are transferrable to many areas, both personal and professional. 

4. Gaining Experience with Critical Thinking Skills 

Student Conduct Board members gain experience putting critical thinking skills to use for each Panel Hearing that they participate in. It is a main duty of members to objectively analyze the available facts and evidence during each Panel Hearing, as well as asking the right questions to clarify or gather any missing information. Members make their decisions on each case based upon a critical examination of all information and materials presented. 

5. Career Preparation  

A wide variety of professional fields involve being knowledgeable about various policies within the associated professional sector – for example, those looking to work in fields of Law and Criminal Justice could benefit from experience on the Student Conduct Board. Members of the SCB gain experience working with policies and procedures through deliberating on cases based on the UNF Code of Conduct. *Note: The UNF conduct process is not a court of law and is designed to be educational.  

6. Building Your Resume 

For current and recently graduated students, college extracurriculars can serve as a great add-on to a resume – they show the student’s ability to balance multiple commitments, which is an important skill that employers seek. As an extracurricular, the Student Conduct Board can help to create an impressive resume.  

7. Protecting Students’ Rights at UNF 

The purpose of the Student Conduct Board is to ensure due process for students during the Conduct process. All Panels must be made up of members that do not have a conflict of interest with any parties involved in that case and are always at least 50% comprised of students. This way, the Student Conduct Board can serve to provide unbiased judgement on all cases.  

Student Conduct Board applications are currently open! The deadline to apply for summer training is May 5th, 2023. *Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so if you miss the summer deadline, you can apply for fall instead! 

For more information, visit out SCB pages: About the Board | Role Designations | Training Overview

Signature Events

The Dean of Students Office hosts four Signature events each academic year to educate students about various college-related issues that come about no matter the organization of which you are a part, no matter what year you are at UNF, and no matter what state, city, or county from which you originate. These topics include, but are not limited to, sexual assault awareness, hazing, and alcohol and other drug education.


WED MAR 29: 10AM-2PM

Join the Dean of Students Office in partnership with Athletics, First-Year Advising, and Housing and Residence Life in raising awareness about Hazing and participate in our upcoming event.

Stop by our #OspreysDontHaze table to learn more and be directed towards the event to learn more about the various categories of hazing, how to report, and to sign the “These Hands Don’t Haze” Pledge and Banner. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Spring 2023

Healthy Relationships and Conflict Resolution


Join the Dean of Students Office and The Resolution Center as we discuss healthy relationships and how to navigate though conversations within those relationships. 

Partnership Events

The Dean of Students Office participates in several Partnership Events each academic year to assist our University partners, other campus departments, and registered student organizations in relaying important information to and educating the UNF community. These topics include, but are not limited to, mental health awareness, sexual assault, and consent. 


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