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Student Emergency Relief Fund

The Student Emergency Relief Fund is specifically set aside to help students with "catastrophic needs" - that is, students who have experienced a tragedy that may only be described as a catastrophe. This could include unexpected, temporary financial hardships resulting from a crisis situation, including those which may have resulted from circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic.


The fund is not intended to remedy a student's situation completely, but rather to help students mitigate circumstances in hopes of helping them get back on their feet. Emergency Relief Fund money cannot be awarded to students who are not enrolled in coursework, or who are in Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Suspension or have already met their Total Cost of Attendance for the year, as determined by the UNF Financial Aid Office, as it would endanger any previous financial aid already received.


Please note, Emergency Relief Funding is applied to your student account similar to a scholarship or grant. The award will be applied to any outstanding balance on your account to reduce this aspect of your financial hardship. Any remaining funds will be distributed in the same manner as other awards, scholarships or grants, and refunded through the process you have selected.   


Students are highly encouraged to enroll in eRefund to allow the university to direct deposit funds associated with the Student Emergency Relief Funding. To set up eRefund, please see the Controller webpage on Direct Deposit for Student Refunds.


For Emergency Relief Funding Requests to be considered, documentation is required. Please be prepared to document your emergency situation when filling out the Student Emergency Relief Funding Application. Please note, the documentation you provide should directly relate to your need for relief funding.

Examples include:

  • Verifying loss of employment or paid internship - Submit two (2) or three (3) recent pay stubs verifying employment or decline in pay / hours (most helpful).
  • Verifying loss of employment or paid internship - Submit an official letter or email from previous employer or internship provider.
  • Verifying a disaster that deprives a student of their home, functionality, or livelihood - Submit police reports, insurance claims, victim advocate reports.
  • Documentation of demonstrated financial struggle, also include reason/rationale and documentation of situation that let to the financial struggle.

Every situation will be different; each case will ultimately be evaluated by an internal committee as designated by Academic/Student Affairs.


Learn more and/or apply for assistance below.



The request form for the Fall 2020 semester will be active on August 17, 2020.  

Awards, if granted, are applied to student accounts and disburse based on the financial aid schedule.


Student Emergency Relief Fund Request Form


Additional Documentation Upload Form