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About SOS

Supporting Our Students (SOS), a program offered by the Office of the Dean of Students since 2007, enables members of the UNF community to express their concerns about students exhibiting disturbing or alarming behavior.  SOS provides a safety net when a student’s behavior becomes problematic or when a student simply is not functioning well at the University. The purpose of the SOS program is to identify, intervene and mediate students experiencing distress. The SOS Team responds to issues such as: physical, psychological, academic and substance abuse.

Mission Statement:

The SOS Team’s mission is to effectively address referrals by identifying the student, investigating circumstances affecting the student’s behavior and connecting the student with the most appropriate resources.  We seek to balance both the educational needs of the student, including their health and welfare, with the academic mission of the University.  We treat every student as an individual, with unique needs, requiring focused attention and individualized support.  Our goal is student retention and educational success.