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  • Unfortunately, there may be times in a student’s academic career when illness becomes so overwhelming that a student is unable to perform academically. In situations where a medical condition severely impedes in a student’s ability to continue in their courses, they may consider petitioning for a medical withdrawal.  
  • The medical withdrawal is intended for the student who has missed significant time from classes due to their hospitalization or participation in an inpatient treatment program.  It is also intended for students who have not been hospitalized but who are experiencing a debilitating physically-based injury or illness or an incapacitating mental health disorder or issue which makes it extremely difficult or impossible for the student to continue to perform academically.  The student should be seeking medical attention or treatment during the semester in question.  


 What should I do first?

  • Before students pursue a medical withdrawal they are HIGHLY encouraged to consult their professors to discuss any alternative options to withdrawing from the course.  If there are no options to recover the course, and it's deemed necessary to withdraw, then the student may consider withdrawing using the established withdrawal process.  
  • It is also highly recommended for students to consult the Office of the Dean of Students staff to discuss their options. Often in these situations we can help students identify alternative options to resolve how their health situation is impacting them academically. 
  • For the SPRING 2020 semester, please review the course grading options in response to the COVID-19 situation.  Please review the following webpage for more information and discuss these options with your academic advisor. 

    SPRING 2020 Grade options -  


What is required for the Medical Withdrawal Application? 

  1. To be considered for a medical withdrawal a student must be able to provide a letter from a licensed mental health provider for Psychological related withdrawals, or a licensed physician for physical illness withdrawals, that addresses the content outlined in the "Guidance for Physician's Letter" document linked below.  
  2. If students are pursuing a partial medical withdrawal, the application must include an "Instructor Recommendation Form" for each requested course.  
  3. It is highly recommended for students to discuss their situation with their doctor, their professors, and the Office of The Dean of Students prior to submitting a medical withdrawal application. 


 If you are requesting a partial medical withdrawal, email your professor the following message and copy

 Dear Professor, 

 You are receiving this email because I am seeking a partial medical withdrawal from (INSERT COURSE NAME) for the (INSERT SEMESTER EX. SPRING 2020) semester.  In order to have my medical withdrawal fully considered, I need your assistance by filling out the form linked below.  The medical withdrawal committee reviews my medical withdrawal petition, my medical documentation, and the linked instructor feedback form before rendering a decision.  When you fill out the form it will go directly to the Office of the Dean of Students to be attached to my medical withdrawal petition.  If you have any questions, I’ve been advised to ask you to email  

 Link to form:  

 Thank you for your feedback.



Is there a deadline? 


  • Students who present with a medical condition that renders them incapable of functioning in the academic environment will be evaluated for a medical withdrawal from the University. The request for a withdrawal must be made within six (6) months from the last day of the semester for which the student is applying for a medical withdrawal. All requests including fee petitions that are medical in nature will be reviewed through the medical withdrawal process. 


How do I apply for a Medical Withdrawal?

  • The Medical Withdrawal process is overseen through the Office of the Dean of Students.  Only completed medical withdrawals will be sent onto the Medical Withdrawal Committee (consisting of a Mental Health or Physical Health representative and an Academic/Student Affairs representative).  
  • The Medical Withdrawal process may take approximately six weeks to complete a full review.  This process is initiated once applications that contain sufficient and appropriate information and documentation are received


  To apply for a medical withdrawal:   

  1. Students must submit a Medical Withdrawal Application using the links below;
  2. Submit a physician's letter, as outlined in the Guidance for Physician's Letter PDF; and 
  3. (Partials Only) Submit a instructor recommendation form for each class being requested.