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Judicial Hold (J-hold) Process & FAQs 

The Disciplinary Clearance Process for UNF Admission

In accordance with Florida Statute §1001.64(8)(a),Florida Board of Governor’s Regulation 6.001(7), and University Regulation 2.0380R, the University may consider the past conduct of any individual applying for admission or enrollment when those actions have been found to disrupt or interfere with the orderly conduct, processes, functions, or programs of the University. If determined to be in the best interest of the University to deny admission or enrollment to an applicant because of the applicant’s past misconduct on or off campus, the University may do so, consistent with state and federal law.

Please review this web-page and the Admissions General Regulation for information associated with the University's J-Hold review process for admission to the university.


Judicial Hold Review Process

Criminal or Disciplinary Past Impact

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