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Information for Parents

Welcome parents and guardians. We are excited that you and your student has chosen to join our Osprey family. As our commitment to your student's success, we have developed the Informed Ospreys Program, a series of modules to help your student manage common challenges students often experience in college. As students transition to college for the first time, or to a new institution, or embark on a new phase of college, they often experience issues centered around their health, safety, security, and diversity awareness. The Informed Ospreys Program is a series of online trainings designed to help your student understand, identify, and comply with policies and procedures associated with Sexual Assault Prevention, Hazing Prevention, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Diversity Awareness. Our hope is that we create an informed community and by working together, we make our campus a safer place to study, work and play.


Your student will be required to complete the Informed Ospreys Program by completing all three modules. Module 1 and module 2 is to be completed prior to the first day of the semester, and module 3 is to be completed within the first week of the semester. We strongly encourage all students to complete these courses within the associated timeline (or sooner).

Module 1 - Sexual Assault Prevention & Alcohol & Other Drugs (3 Courses. Time needed: 2.5 hours.)

  1. Sexual Violence Prevention - (Safe Colleges. Time needed: 55 -70 minutes)

    The Not Anymore series unpacks and sheds light on the realities and misconceptions of issues such as sexual assault, relationship violence and rape.


  2. Bystander Intervention - (Safe Colleges. Time needed: 47 minutes)

    Bystander Intervention - Every Choice is a reality-based course designed to reduce campus sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking by equipping students with realistic, actionable techniques. Created in partnership with Green Dot, etc., our bystander intervention-focused course helps our campus meet Title IX requirements and features numerous student testimonials that foster viewer empathy to help prevent sexual violence on campus.


  3. Alcohol and other drugs - (Safe Colleges. Time needed: 33 minutes)

    Alcohol and Other Drugs is a reality-driven online course designed to educate students on the risks of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and to teach successful strategies for handling dangerous situations related to these substances.

    The course features four modules: Your GPA, Your Brain, Your Peers and Your Life. Each section provides extensive, research-backed evidence of the detrimental effects alcohol and other drugs can have, and how social skills and interactions can help reduce harm associated with these substances. (Featuring Not Anymore content)

Module 2 - Diversity and Inclusion (3 Courses. Time needed: 67 minutes.)

  1. Diversity Awareness for Students - (Safe Colleges. Time needed: 23 minutes)

    This course will provide college and university students with an awareness of how a diverse student body, as well as diverse college faculty and staff members, strengthen a campus. It also provides tools to ensure that diversity is embraced on campus. The content in this course was designed with care and sensitivity; however, some may find certain topics personally upsetting. If you need to talk with someone, contact your administrator or a related resource in your community.


  2. Creating a Respectful Campus for LGBTQ+ - (Safe Colleges. Time needed: 17 minutes)

    This course explores the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ students and provides ways that all students can help create a respectful campus environment.


  3. Sensitivity Awareness - (Safe Colleges. Time needed: 27 minutes)

    Students can face consequences when they say or do something - whether intentionally or unintentionally - that causes offense to another. Insensitive actions or words by anyone affiliated with your college or university may result in legal action against your institution, and disciplinary action against the person. The goal of this course is to provide college and university students with an increased awareness about the unique opportunities and challenges involved in learning and interacting with diverse people.

Module 3 - Mental Health (1 Course. Time needed: 21 minutes.)

  1. Mental Health Awareness - (Safe Colleges. Time needed: 21 minutes)

    It's important to know that mental illness is common, diagnosable and treatable. However, peers are typically unprepared to have important conversations about mental health and may unintentionally keep each other from getting the help they need. This course provides college and university students with a basic overview of mental health awareness, and several ways to help other students. Topics include mental health facts, warning signs, ways to respond and creating a positive environment.

Student Walking on campus wearing face mask