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Accessing the Informed Ospreys Assignments

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Resources Needed to Complete Training

Remember: you will need a computer, reliable Internet connection, access to your myWings account (you received your myWings account when you were given your N#) and about 4 hours to complete all of the assignments.

To access the Informed Ospreys Assignments, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into myWings at with your UNF N# and password.


  2.  Once Logged in, locate on the left side of page, Training & Development.

    Training and Development Menu with arrow 21

  3. Click the Osprey Ascend link. Access Osprey Ascend

  4. Identify trainings on your Osprey Ascend transcript by clicking on View My Transcript.  If the trainings are not listed on your transcript yet, you can search for them using the Learning Search Tool as shown below.  Osprey Ascend Homepage with arrow

After you locate your assigned training assignments, click on them and begin learning how you can do your part to keep UNF safe. Remember, if you have to step away for any reason, you will be able to pick up the assignment where you left off later. Answer honestly. Don't worry. No one at UNF will ever see your answers and they will not be used for anything other than aggregate data.


You will need to complete each assignment by the established due date, otherwise your registration for classes may be delayed if it is not done on time.


This training is important for you and for the rest of our campus. In order to be as safe as possible, we all need to be in compliance with these requirements.


Learning Search Method



From the Osprey Ascend Welcome Page, click the Learning Search button.


red arrow pointing to Learning Search button


Type Informed Ospreys Programs or IOP in the search field on the Learning Search page.

Learning Search Toolbar


Click on the Informed Ospreys Program curriculum item in the search results.

screenshot of the three different informed osprey program options


Click the blue Open Curriculum button to begin the training.

screenshot of Open Curriculum button


On the Curriculum Player page, click Launch for the first assignment of the program.

screenshot of launch button


Continue completing each assignment until each one has a blue check mark next to it and the curriculum progress tracker shows 100% completed.

Informed osprey program for students under 25 - more info above 2


Once you have successfully completed the assessment, the curriculum progress should read 100%, showing you have completed the training. If you go back and look at your transcript, the training will have moved from the "active" portion of your transcript to the "completed" section.

Informed Ospreys Transcript tab - more info above


Disability Considerations

Students with disabilities who seek reasonable accommodations to complete this training should consider registering with the UNF Student Accessibility Services (SAS) located in Building 57, Room 1500. DRC staff members work with students to obtain required documentation of disability and to identify appropriate accommodations as required by applicable disability laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). After receiving all necessary documentation, the DRC staff determines whether a student qualifies for services with the DRC and, if so, the accommodations will be provided to the student. For further information, contact the DRC by phone at 904.620.2969, by email at or visit DRC website at

Technical Help