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Department of Diversity Initiatives Staff 

Leadership Team

Sheila in a purple jacket with glasses  
Sheila Spivey, Senior Director
Brandi in a multicolored shirt
Brandi Winfrey, Associate Director
SAID Advisor
       Matt in glasses and a blue button-up shirt
Matt Hartley, Associate Director
Interfaith Center


Logan in a gray suit and blue and gray tie
 Logan Judd, Program Assistant 
      Carolyn in a black and white shirt Carolyn Stewart, Office Assistant 

Women's Center


Joanna in a teal patterned dress
Joanna Young, Coordinator 

Victim Advocacy


Coordinator TBD


Interfaith Center


Coordinator TBD 


Intercultural Center for Peace

Lorna in a turquoise shirt and glasses
Lorna Bautista, Office Manager

Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity


Asian Students In Alliance

Milesh in a pink button-up shirt and glasses 
Milesh Patel, President  
      Emily in a white shirt and glasses 
Emily Hu, Vice President  

Black Student Union

Tony in a black button-up shirt 
Tony Woolbright, President 
      Chris in a white shirt and blue tie 
Chris Boykin, Vice President  

Latin American Student Organization

Laurielys in a turquoise shirt and necklace 
Laurielys Cheeseman, President  
      Maria in a gray patterned shirt 
Maria Gonzalez, Vice President