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Department of Diversity Initiatives Staff 

Leadership Team

Sheila in a purple jacket with glasses  
Sheila Spivey, Senior Director
Brandi in a multicolored shirt
Brandi Winfrey, Associate Director
SAID Advisor
       Matt in glasses and a blue button-up shirt
Matt Hartley, Associate Director
Interfaith Center

Support Team

Logan in a blue and gray tie and gray button up shirt
 Logan Judd, Program Assistant 
      Carolyn in a black and white shirtCarolyn Stewart, Office Assistant 

Lorna in a turquoise shirt and glasses
Lorna Bautista, Office Manager


Women's Center


 a photograph of Jess Harris in blue dress with sweaterJess Harris, Specialist

Victim Advocacy

Whitney in a white shirt with black stripes and glasses
Whitney Washington, Coordinator


Interfaith Center


Kalilah smiling in glasses and a striped top in front of green plants
Kalilah Jamall, Specialist


Intercultural Center for Peace

Danyelle smiling with glasses and a checkered top in front of green plants
Danyelle Stokes, Specialist & SAID Advisor

Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity


SAID Ambassador

Shekinah Mitchell      

Asian Students In Alliance

Miora Rambeloarisoa, President      

Black Student Union

Nique McCloud, President       

Latin American Student Organization

Laura Rodriguez, President