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Programs and Services

“Let’s Talk About It…”

“Let’s Talk About It...” facilitates a brave space for students, faculty and staff to openly discuss subject matter surrounding systemic issues and/or national incidents directly impacting the campus community. Two sessions are generally scheduled for fall and spring semester. Subject matter experts from the University or Jacksonville community are invited to provide a basic contextual background for the topic before our open discussion begins. This dialogue series supports our University, Division and Department missions by providing opportunities for scholarly engagement, identity exploration and celebration, and addressing multicultural issues in a co-curricular setting. DDI also hosts impromptu “Let’s Talk About It...” Campus Support sessions. These pop-up sessions serve as a space for students to share issues or concerns with University administrators, faculty and staff.


The Meetup

The Meetup (formerly Multicultural Student Welcomes) is hosted during the first couple weeks of fall, spring, and summer semesters. This event provides an informal and relaxed space to assist multicultural students in building a sense of community from the onset of their collegiate experience. Students are invited to mix and mingle with multicultural students, faculty and staff from across campus, as they learn about resources and programs specifically designed to address their needs.


Cultural Competency Pursuit Program

The Department of Diversity Initiatives provides professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and students seeking to expand their working knowledge and understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Cultural Competency Pursuit Diversity Education Program is comprised of 8 courses. 


Intercultural CommUnity

The Department of Diversity Initiatives and the Intercultural Center host the Intercultural CommUnity Living Learning Community for students interested in exploring and cultivating their social identities while living on campus. More information on the Intercultural CommUnity can be found on the Department of Housing and Residence Life's LLC webpage.


DDI Graduation Activities

DDI Graduation Cords

Graduating seniors who have actively engaged with the Department of Diversity Initiatives throughout their tenure are honored with a unique diversity cord to be worn at graduation. Students who wish to showcase their commitment to diversity at graduation must apply for a multicolored graduation cord. 

DDI End of the Year Celebration

This annual celebration brings the campus community together to recognize the outstanding achievements of dynamic Ospreys, student clubs & organizations and campus partners who uphold the standards of inclusive excellence.

The Lounge & Lounge 2.0

DDI houses two areas for students to come hang out, do homework, socialize, or even take a nap: The Lounge and The Lounge 2.0!


The Lounge is located in Building 2, Suite 2100. It houses hundreds of books on gender issues and feminist theory, which students can check out similar to the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. The Lounge is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.


We also have a second lounge, called The Lounge 2.0! Located just downstairs from The Lounge in Suite 1400, The Lounge 2.0 also features a small library of interfaith resources that students may also check out, as well as a Reflection Room for prayer, meditation, or thoughtful reflection available to students of all faiths or non-faiths. The Lounge 2.0 is open 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.