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About the Department of Diversity Initiatives

The Department of Diversity Initiatives (DDI) comprises units that promote diversity and inclusion at the University of North Florida. DDI includes the Women's Center, the Intercultural Center for Peace, the Interfaith Center, the Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity, and the Victim Advocacy Program.

Mission Statement

DDI cultivates a welcoming and supportive environment that empowers students to be their authentic selves, embrace their intersectional identities and expand their cultural horizons. Through cultural and gender enriching programs and services, DDI serves as a resource for students to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion.


Soaring Above Differences, Embracing Diversity


We envision an engaged student body that champions gender equity, promotes racial justice and engenders respect for all.

Value Statements

The Department of Diversity Initiatives intentionally fosters a climate that reflects:

Respect - Treating everyone with dignity, decency and deference

Diversity - Honoring the uniqueness of individual identities

Inclusion - Cultivating a welcoming and supportive environment

Empowerment - Helping others discover their strength and confidence to affect change 

Advocacy - Representing the voice of the voiceless

CommUnity - Establishing a sense of belonging for ALL