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icon Instructor Your Healthcare, Your Responsibility
Level 1 Beginning - 1.5 Hours

With all the focus on health care cost, people want to make sure they are  getting what they pay for, right? Do you really know the quality of care you are getting from your doctor? What do you know about the hospitals in the area besides what you hear in the news or read in the paper? As a consumer, do you truly look into what you are getting and what precautions you need to take in order to prevent medical errors? During this session we are going to cover research information and different items to assist you in making informed decisions as it relates to your health care.


Learning Objectives: Research information regarding medical errors; different ways to actively get involved when dealing with health care providers; types of questions to ask so you can make informed decisions and choices; and additional resources that are available for consumers.


Audience: A&P, Faculty, USPS, OPS, and Student OPS

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